Sunday, June 26, 2011

What's happening with the Casey Anthony trial?

I have an important exam in one of my classes tomorrow, so I haven't spent the bulk of the weekend obsessing over what's happening with the Casey Anthony trial. Still, I did note that court was supposed to be in session on Saturday, but the jury never made it into the courtroom. The second chair on Casey's defense team, Cheney Mason, approached the bench and said that matters needed to be discussed. He and Casey disappeared inton the judge's chambers.

I have no idea who else was in or out of the judge's chambers. One talking head reported that Mason was heard shouting inside the judge's chambers at one point. Eventually the judge and whoever else was inside his chambers with him emerged. Judge Perry adjourned the trial for the day. the jurors were sent back to the hotels where they are being sequestered.

Various reasons for the delay are being floated. Judge Alex suggested that perhaps the defense was asking Judge perry to recuse himself. Others have suggested problems between members of casey's legal team, or between Casy and members of the defense team. (Casey was supposedly casting "if looks could kill"-style glares in the direction of Mason on Thursday.) An issue with a juror as been mentioned as a possible reason for the delay. serious attorney misconduct on either side has been thrown out as a possibility. a plea bargain in the works has been listed as a possible reason for the delay.

Infinite possibilities exist. Maybe the judge had indigestion. Perhaps another principal player was under the weather. We'll presumably find out in another ten hours or so unless the trial begins as if nothing out of the ordinary ever happened.

I can't possibly no any more than the next follower about what is the issue. still, I'll hazard a guess. My first choice is that the defense may have offered for Casey to plead guilty to a lesser charge. If such was the case and a meeting of the minds was not reached between the two sides, we may not learn of it until after the trial. Judge Ferrer's suggestion -- that possibly the defense wished to go judge-shopping -- would be my second choice. Supposedly once such a motion is filed, the trial cannot proceed until the motion is heard. I'm unsure as to why the defense would wait until now to make such a motion, unless they either had a reason to need to buy time or they wanted to see how the trial went for a few weeks, and reserved the right to make such a motion if things weren't going terribly well for them.

If I wake up at 5:30 a.m. I'll go to the hotel lobby. The tV there is usually tuned to a cable news channel. I can't turn on the tV when my parents are still asleep. I'm not allowed to set my wake-up call for earlier than 6:30. My dad will be awake before then, but my mom is a slug in the morning. There's not a chance she'll be awake at 5:30 a.m.
I'll try to use my computer to follow what's going on while I'm in class except during my test.

Bon semaine!


  1. I'm in a hotel on the central Pacific coast with my parents for the rest of this week.

  2. Unless, of course, the defence team received an anonymous tip about something?

    "Hey. You guys on the defence, why don't you ask the judge if so-and-so really happened in 1997 when he met such-and-such a person?"

    Or: "Judge, Mr X has just recalled something that Ms Y, his co-defendant said two months ago. At first Mr X did not realise the significance of this, but with what evidence came out yesterday, Mr X thinks this throws some light on the previous actions of Ms Y. Can Mr X give evidence against her, based on what he now knows?"

    Oh! The joys of speculation! ;o))

  3. Yep, matt, speculation is fun. I assume you read or heard that the delay was actually due to the defense's questioning of Casey Anthony's competence in assisting with her own defense.