Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nancy Grace

I was busy today registering for summer university courses, so I didn't have as much time as would've been ideal to prep for "Talking Heads Day."
Still, in addition to registering for twelve quarter units in the first session -- I'm taking the second session off because I need a break even though my dad says this entire year has been one long school break for me. Was it really my fault that if I was just required to do the readings, assignments, and projects for public school courses -- even AP courses-- and not to actually attend classes most of the time, it left me with a substantial amount of time off? For the most part I used the extra time productively rather than stirring up trouble. Beyond that, I was legitimately physically ill several times and would have missed enough school days to cost my school district major Avereage Daily Attendance funding. As an independent study student, my illnesses cost them nothing as long as I submitted the assigned work. I wish more than anyone that this school year had unfolded conventionally and that I had been able to attend my regular high school in a standard manner, but something happened to interfere with those plans. In my opinion, I made the best of a relatively horrible situation. I'm as entitled to a break as is any other high school graduate, and I'm only taking half the summer off to boot.

I could not justify spending any substantial sum of money on a wig that would make me look like Nancy Grace. If I am to be truthful, no amount of money spent on a wig would actually cause me to look like Nancy Grace. Still, if I can just get the hair right. If it were Halloween, I could probably find a specific wig designed to mimic Nancy Grace's hairstyle. it's June, not October, though, so I'm not so fortunate. I didn't want to go to a wig store, but we found a party goods store that still had some costume stuff in stock. I found a long blond wig for $3.99. My Auntie and her friend cut it to the right length. Cousin Peter (Auntie's cousin) was visiting, and he figured out that it could be styled with a hair straightener if the hair straightener was wrapped with a slightly damp cloth. (Without the damp cloth, the "hair" probably would've melted all over the hair straightener, ruining both the hair straightener and the wig in the process. Cousin Peter is very intelligent.

By the way, if anyone has suggestions as to how best to imitate Nancy Grace, please help me out here. I haven't watch her as much as some have.

I begin classes on Monday. I have classes Monday through Thursday for a good chunk of each day. At least I have long weekends. It lasts for about six weeks, after which I'll be off. The Pseudos will be in their condo by then, and Psuedo Uncle will be working a lot. Pseudo Auntie and I will hang out together and have fun while Uncle is toiling away. My parents are skiing in South America and possibly going to Australia. I'll see Chairman Mao or my therapist three times each week.


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