Friday, June 24, 2011

My First University Test / Casey Anthony Trial / Perverts/ "Suits"

I enjoy taking tests. That's probably stretching the truth a bit. I'd rather take a test than sit through a lecture. This is true even if I'm unprepared, but I'm ordinarily prepared for tests. Today I was prepared.

The course in which I took a test today concerns American literature from World War I until the present. The professor plans to give a little more emphasis to the work of E. E. Cummings (capitals intended) than is, in my opinion, fitting for a university-level course, but the last time I checked, professors were not consulting me before printing up their syllabi, so I'm stuck with Cummings.

Today's test focused primarily upon Ragtime, by E. L. Doctorow and Go Down, Moses, by Faulkner. The professor gave four essay questions and asked us to answer three of them. No extra credit would be awarded for answering the fourth. We signed statements agreeing not to post the content of tests on the Internet, so I cannot be too specific even in this semi-anonymous forum, but I will say that it is not beyond possibility that my professor is a pervert. There is only so much I can write about an imaginary menage a trois between Evelyn Nesbitt and any two other characters, in the process justifying why these two would be Nesbitt's co-lovers. Likewise, the subject of incest isn't all that interesting to me. If I want to hear about incest, real or imagined, I can just watch the Casey anthony Trial. I don't have any desire to read about it in Faulkner's works then rehash it. Apparently I need to do just that, though, if I intend to pass the course. Those McCaslins were some strange people.

I actually used up three blue books. Only one was needed for my test itself. I used the other two just to psych out the freak who tried to subtly warn (beg? threaten?) me yesterday not to do too well on today's test. After completing the test itself, I answered my three questions in Pig Latin. I was stuck there until the end of class time anyway, because that was when my ride was to arrive. I explained to the professor that I was just killing time with the last two blue books and that he shouldn't waste his time with them, but he took them anyway. I hope it doesn't hurt my grade.

It creeped me out a bit that the guy who asked me not to score too high was waiting outside the door for me, but so was my Uncle Xcott, so the guy didn't say a word to me. i still don't understand why the guy is concerned. i could be the single stupidest person on campus for all he knows. The first time I've spoken in the classroom, other than to answer "Here" when roll was taken, was when I explained to the professor that the extra two blue books were extraneous, and the concerned guy wasn't even in the room when I spoke to the professor.

The Casey Anthony trial took a strange turn today, with Casey's mother, Cindy, insisting that she was responsible for some of the seemingly incriminating searches. My gutut feeling is that she is not being turthful. Why would a registered nurse search for "internal injuries"? She would search under more specific terms, such as spleen or lung injuries. I don't think she's necessarily a habitual liar. It just seems like she's pulling out all the the stops in order to save Casey. She certainly has her work cut out for her.

I was so tired tonight that I fell asleep and missed the premiere of uSA network's "Suits." It's on again at sometime like right now, but I'd never be allowed to watch TV unless I was either sick or traumatized, and it's not quite worth it to me to fake either one; almost, but not quite. USA is known for replaying things a lot,so I'll hope to catch a rerun.


  1. I hope Creepy Guy leaves you alone, you deserve a safe schoool environment.
    I don't have cable, so you're my sole source of information on the Casey trial, her mother saying she did some of those searches does sound odd.

  2. It's possible he had you 'sussed' as one of the more clever people. Ah! Unless he pulls that stunt with everyone?

    Or is it is geeky, useless chat-up line?