Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just What Everyone Wants to Read: More Casey Anthony Info

I promise to eventually write about something bseides the trial of Casey Anthony. I have one question: I wonder if Jose Baez will eventually do something to create a mistrial? Since he's practically begging for comtempt of court sanctions, what's next?

By the way, I WAS Nancy Grace yesterday at our "Talking Heads Day" function. It was as though I channeled her all day and evening. I grew so weary of saying "Goodnight, friend" that I was seriously afraid I'd toss my cookies if I said it even one more time, but I did, of course, say it many more times. It's her signature line. Some of the staff nembers said I was almost as good at being Nancy Grace as Nancy Grace herself is, and that if she ever needed to stay home to take care of John David or little Lucy, I could probably fill in without the viewers being any the wiser. I hated myself all day.


  1. I misread that as Joan Baez, which would have been a completely different story! :oD

  2. Frankly, Matt, I suspect Ms. Anthony would be better off with Joan Baez as her legal counsel.

  3. Oh, dear. Still, a bad lawyer can give grounds for an appeal.