Saturday, February 8, 2014

Winter Frolicking, Olympics, and Other Alleged Frivolity

I don't think snowboarding dolls existed when I was little.

I had a full day of skiing yesterday. I usually snowboard, but I borrowed Alyssa's cousin's gear and skied for the first time in about five years. i believe I have a slight preference for snowboarding, but both are nice.

This morning we headed out early for snowboarding and kept going until 2:00. We then stopped for a quick fast food lunch and headed over to Alyssa's grandparents for a family gathering. Most of them are still here. We're watching the olympics. scott says the only real reason to watch is to see if there's a terrorist attack. I told him that if that's his only reason for watching, he need not bothr, as it's all tape-delayed. If there were an attack by terrorist or by anyone else, we would have heard about it long before the delayed footage ever aired.

We have two babies here  right now. They're very good babies and don't scream incessantly as I'm told I did at that age. I'm posting a picture of the pre-hair Baby Lexus. I've been told it's the only oicture my parents have of me in my first year when I'm not crying.

This was about as cheerful as it got.


  1. What a cute photo! I am told I cried a lot as a baby, too. I think my family held it against me for years.

    I haven't been skiing since I was about 15. And when I skied, it was in Virginia, which no doubt offers little challenge to someone who knows what they're doing. Today, I'm writing on my story blog. It's nice to get the creative juices flowing again.

  2. Ben had hair growing on his ears. Like long strands. He also had a hairy back, which I heard is typical for some younger termed neonates, but he was 2 weeks late. Anyway, bald is fine. You were a cute baby. I'm assuming that you're actually older in this picture than you look?

    I hope you enjoyed your time snowboarding. Jason is coming back from his own snowboarding trip tonight.

  3. I had preemie hair on my arms and back. I believe it was called lanugo. Anorexics sometimes also have it. i don't think I had any on my ears. That must have been a unique look. I'm sure he was adorable with or without ear hair, though, as he's a very cute boy with beautiful eyes.