Saturday, February 15, 2014

Twitter, Michael Dunn, and Overconfident Law School Students

I think Michael Dunn looks a little like Jimmy Osmond.

This afternoon, after I had made myself as presentable as I would ever be, but while Alyssa was still slaving away at her beauty routine, I amused myself by visiting Twitter.  The Michael Dunn case was a topic of discussion, and an African-American self-proclaimed law student was taking Judge Alex to task for having suggested that evidence was unclear as to whether race had been a motivating factor in Michael Dunn's decision to shoot into the car in which Jordan Davis was a passenger.

I will not name the Tweeter, as I would prefer that he not show up here.

Basing my presumptions on the context,  I surmised that  Judge Alex must have suggested that the evidence didn't clearly evince racial  motivation in the crime.  I never found that particular post of Judge Alex's.  I did find, however, a post  in which Judge Alex responded to the tweeter  in question that one should not make generalizations -- that his [Judge Alex's] own children listen to hip-hop music and his [Judge Alex's] own son has tattoos and wears ripped clothing.  I concurred with the judge's statement, as the same things could be said of my brother. I opined that taste in music has less to do with ethnicity than with age.

The tweeter was not pleased with me.

He tweeted the following:

This will teach you since your OWN have elaborated on it.

He linked a video of which I watched only a snippet. The part I saw featured members of the Klan. I asked him what made him think the people in the video were my own.

He responded:

You're the person tht will say I have BLK friends or When I see u I dont see color well do u see as a male

I responded that he had mischaracterized me. I acknowledged the continued existence of racism, but maintained that taste in music tends to be more deeply rooted in age than in ethnicity.

He then tweeted:

Well understand this involved race. If it was another color of males they [presumably sic -- I'm not exactly sure what was his point, but he probably meant wouldn't be] would be gunned down in the way they were.

My friend Jaci showed up during the exchange. She inquired about his name/handle. He refers in said handle to his belief that his finances will soon change for the better. His actual name, if it really is his name, is three unrelated syllables culled from God knows where. He took slight umbrage at her questioning of his name/handle. Meanwhile, he was also carrying on flirtatious excahnges with a couple of women.

Then he again responded to me:


  1. Ick. It sounds like an unpleasant exchange. I just heard about the Michael Dunn thing yesterday. A woman on my Facebook is sort of a racism crusader. She went on a page made by Dunn's daughter and posted an anti racism rant. That's as much as I know about the case. Guess I need to watch more Nancy Grace.

  2. That does sound like nasty exchange. I've had my own fair share, though, as I too enjoy ranting on the internet--and spend nowhere near enough time on my beauty routine.

  3. LOL… I've gotten it from two people today...

  4. Michael Dunn also looks like my husband's ex's wife's current victim.

  5. He's a handsome dude, that Michael Dunn.