Thursday, February 6, 2014

Money Trees, Chartered flights, and the History of Utah

The above video is of a rather quaint  song, "History of Utah," byCamper Van Beethoven.  I posted it in premature celebration  of my upcoming trip to Utah for about nine days of unencumbered snowboarding.

I'm flying, courtesy of my godparents, for the first time on a chartered flight. I know nothing about the aircraft that will transport our small party to Utah expect that supposedly the company, the aircraft itself, and the pilot all have excellent safety records. We'll hope their streaks hold through tomorrow's flight, as well as next week's return flight. I'm happy enough not to have to drive to Los Angeles and not to have to go through security. On the other hand, I typically give little thought to the safety of flying on a major airline's  mid-size-to-large jet. Flaying on a smaller plane at least makes me think about my own mortality.  My friend Alyssa, who is traveling with me, says when it's your time to go, it's your time to go. I'm not so sure I totally believe that. Then again,  we'd probably be almost as likely to be killed or seriously injured traveling to or from either airport  (Burbank or SLC) by auto as to suffer the same fate in a well-maintained plane with a cautious and skilled pilot and good weather.

I probably should simply enjoy the more convenient trip (longer flight but shorter overall trip because we have a ten-minute drive to the airport, then a fifteen minute drive to the condo where we'll be staying, versus a ninety-minute or so -- depending on traffic -- drive to Burbank or even longer drive to LAX, followed the mandate to arrive early for the privilege of by being groped by TSA agents, only to be told that our flight will be delayed.  We're winning big time on this deal. My dad told me not to get too accustomed to private flights because this trip is truly an anomaly for me.  My Godfather is generous, but he's not an idiot, and he didn't get so rich by using hundred dollar bills as fireplace kindling.  This flight is a recital gift. I'll probably get another significant gift for university graduation, maybe another one for med school graduation, and possibly something fairly sizable for my wedding if I ever have one. I'm otherwise running out of major gift-inspiring milestones.

My rich uncle's (and godfather's) figurative money tree is due to go barren at least as far as I'm concerned in the very near future.

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  1. Enjoy your flight! I bet it'll be the experience of a lifetime. Bill got to fly on a Learjet from our home at Fort Belvoir to Fort Bliss, Texas. Of course, it was with his abusive former boss and they were on their way to Iraq. But it beat flying in a big plane with a bunch of troops, which they did get to experience on their way to Baghdad.

    Have a safe trip. I would miss your comments if you met an unexpected demise.