Friday, February 7, 2014

Stupidest Wedding Photo Ever

Click on the photo for enlargement in order to more fully experience the totality of the idiocy of the person who set up this photograph. My guess is only in Utah or Oklahoma could such a picture happen; since it's not an LDS facility, I'm guessing Oklahoma.

The flight was uneventful except that pseudoaunt and I took turns figuratively tossing cookies into barf bags. Still, hurling into foil bags was slightly more tolerable in the setting of the cabin of a private jet than it would have been in the coach section of a commercial flight. I'm requesting heavy anti-emetic mediction for the return flight.

Snow was lightly falling when we arrived. Pseudouncle said we couldn't go snowboarding today because he didn't want us driving on icy roads to the resort even though it was only twenty minutes from the condo and Alyssa has driven in snow and ice each winter since she first learned to drive. Fortunately Alyyssa's grandfather came to the rescue. He was unable to persuade his son that Alyssa could make the drive safely, so he drove us there himself, then picked us up when we were through.

We made it to the top of our first slope at 1:10. Not many people were out today, so it was powdery and perfect.

We're snowboarding all day tomorrow.

I posted the rather random wedding picture of people of whom I've never heard because it is the single stupidest wedding photograph on which I've ever lain eyes.

Under the category of Tacky Family Photos: I don't know which stands out more -- the child's finger up her nose,  the stains all over the man's shirt (including but not limited to his armpits), or the headless beer bellies photo-bombing the shot. Incidentally, this photo was taken at the same wedding as the top photo. 


  1. Barfing sucks, but privately barfing, as opposed to public barfing is 1000 times better. What do you normally take for nausea?

  2. Becca, Ondansetron dissolving tablets usually work for me.

    I agree that it's much better to throw up without a large audience.

  3. Thanks!

    I was on Zofran a few years ago, until it stopped working, and since then we've been trying to find something that works that I can take. I've found that Scopolamine patches work well for motion sickness. It's not very useful for chronic, everyday nausea, as I was using it for. But, it make car trips to my aunt's house bearable. I haven't found something that helps my nausea on that everyday basis. I'm taking Levsin dissolving tablets now, supposedly that's supposed to help, though it's not helping. I've read that it's not ideal for someone who has a motility disease, but that seems to be every antiemetic. Since my surgery I've had bile reflux, which is believed to be directly related to intestinal neuropathy. So... yeah, it's finding something that I can absorb and works without slowing things down too much. I see Dr. B on the 20th and was curious to see if what you had taken maybe an option, though Ondansetron/ Zofran, been there, done that.