Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Easter Parade, and Precisely What It Did or Didn't Have to Do with Jesus Having Died on the Cross for Us

In order to avoid an embarrassing public mother-daughter argument in a store, my mom always brings home three or four dresses before Easter, and I choose one of them to wear to church that day. I'm not sure exactly what the big deal is.  Why can I not wear a dress I already own? It's  not as though I've had anything reselmbling a growth spurt.

When Jesus was up there dying on the cross, I doubt he had in mind any sort of fashion parade each year all over the western world commemorating either his horrendous suffering and death or his emergence from the tomb, but some things are simply not worth fighting over. My mom says that since I don't complain about the Easter candy that appears in my basket each year, I have to go along with the new dress routine. At least she doesn't, thank God,  make me wear a hat.  I put her on notice that this is the final "Easter dress" year. I may buy a new dress next year for Easter, or  I may not, but my mom will not buy the dress, nor will she even be in the same shopping mall, much less in the store with me,when it happens.

We're leaving for mass in thirty-five minutes. my hair and makeup are done except for lipstick/lip glass.. My makeup is neutral since I haven't chosen my dress. At least I finally got my mother out of the Zulilly Company when choosing dresses. Matthew simply must get married and produce a  female offspring as soon as possible so that my mother  can obsess over dressing her rather than me.  Anyway, here are the four options. If you weigh in before 8:40 .m. PDT, I'll consider your opinion, but since it's highly ulikely you'll even see this before then, I'll let you know after the fact what I chose.


  1. The first one loos like a nightgown. A nice nightgown, but a nightgown just the same. Perhaps it looks different on.

    The second is a bit blah, but I'd wear it in a pinch. If you can get your mom to pay for two, get this was as well.

    The third one, assuming it goes with your coloring, is perfect.

    The fourth is my least favorite unless it looks way better while being worn than on a hanger. Perhaps if the sash were brighter, it would help it. Anyway I wouldn't choose this one.

    I know it's past your time deadline, but number three all the way. It's beautiful.

  2. My mom insists on buying me a new dress for occasions she deems as special, too. I got out of picking the Easter dress this year... but, she still got me a dress for Easter, go figure. Which one did you end up choosing?

  3. I ended up with the pinkish purple one with a black floral pattern, but I paid out of my own money for the pink, black, and white one, as I'm getting low on dresses that don't look like baby dresses. The other two she must have closed her eyes as she pulled them off the shelf.

    What did the one your mom picked for you look like?