Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Corneal Abrasions and Babies

My eye problem is a corneal abrasion. My pseudorelative cultured it, and there's no infection. I don't kow exactly how it happened, but it probably happened during the few minutes I was on a snowmobile with no protetive eye gear. It's a mistake I will not make again.  I have various drops and even a narcotic to use if absolutely necessary. It should clear up in four or five days.

Tonight I'm spending the night at the pseudorelatives' home. They're taking care of one of their twin infant nieces overnight. The mother breastfeeds onlyone baby at night so that she gets at least  few minutes' sleep. They typically alternate which baby is breastfed and which one is bottle-fed. The father takes cares of the bottle-fed baby for the night. We're giving him a break. We can't take both twins because the mother would spend the whole night pumping to avoid becoming uncomfortably engorged. She'll get more restjust keeping one baby with her.

I get to take one of the overnight feeding shifts. The baby was breastfed just before hse got here less than two hours ago.   She has two bottles of breast milk and one bottle of formula, plus extra formula in the event that she should be hungrier than usual. The breast milk is better for her, but the formula is more filling, and she'll sleep for longer, so she's getting that at midnight.  Her next feeding, whenever she asks for it,will be formula. I talked Scott and Jillian into allowing me to give her the next bottle, because I'm worried she'll sleep so well that she won't need another bottle and her father will show up early to pick her up and  I won't get a turn at giving her a bottle. I never said I'm not selfish.

I don't have the baby's parents' permission to post any pictures of her, but I doubt they'll
complain about pictures of her feet appearing in an obscure blog.



  1. I feel you on the corneal abrasion. I had mine almost 2 months ago and am still battling it! I was just diagnosed with a corneal erosion (basically, the wound opened back up.)....i hope you are feeling better! Take care of your eye!

  2. Are your eyes naturally dry, Rachel? People with dry eyes are more prone to corneal problems in general, whether it be ulcers, abrasions, or general erosion. If I keep my eyes lubricated and wear good sunglasses at the beach or henever it's really windy,and good goggles when snowboarding or snowmobiling, I'm usually OK, but if I'm careless, i will pay for it.

    I hope your eyes are doing better.