Friday, December 17, 2010

until Christmas

My dad is still here. He slept on the extra bed in my room last night and will stay here tonight. tomorrow night, and Sunday night. on Monday i will get on a plane to go home. Daddy will then go to LA to work and to meet with cystic fibrosis specialists with my pseudo-relatives. He'll come home on Thursday.

We were supposed to go to the beach after dinner last night, but we ended up going to dinner a little later than had been planned, and by the time we finished dinner, it was too cold to be comfortab;e on the beach. We're driving to Los Angeles after my counseling appointment, which starts in about ten minutes. Pseudo aunt or mom or whatever I call her at any given moment needs to have a CT scan and blood tests for her consultations next week. I'm having my leg X-rayed just to see how it's doiing and because there's a specialist that my dad wants to look at my leg while we're here.
I'll see the specialist this afternoon. After Pseudo A. and I are finished, we'll head back to the area of my facility. I get to dive again today. it doesn't really matter if the weather is crummy as long as there's no lightning.

If the weather doesn't clear up enough for me to run this afternoon, I need to at least use the treadmill, which is better than nothing but not nearly as good as an actual run. If it's not raining late this afternoon the pseudos and dad and I will all go running. I'm definitely the slowest, but if I push myself really hard I should be able to more or less keep up. My dad said I can hurdle tomorrow at a university near here if the specialist Oks it.

the director of my facility had breakfast with Dad and me this morning. He and dad both nagged me to eat more throughout the meal. He has a daughter who's eleven whom he says is "difficult" like me. He was shaaring stories about her with my dad, and dad was sympathizing. I don't think I was ever as bad as his kid is.

my female friends here keep wanting to know when my male pseudo=relative is coming back. They just want to ogle him becasue he's hot. i can handle that. one of them started to say that my dad is hot, but I put my fingers in my ears so I didn't have to be traumatized by hearing it. as I've said before, "hot" and "dad" do not belong in the same paragraph unless "hot" refers to weather, perhaps a car overheating.
My counselor is calling.


  1. you are still pathetic Alexis.

  2. My sole reason for existence is to allow you to feel superior to someone. I'm glad I was able to be of assistance to you.
    Alexis, The Pathetic One

  3. Anonymous, if you're a random poster, have a nice life, but Karma usually catches up with people like you. If you are. as I suspect, not a random poster, get a life. Surely you must have more productive uses for your time than to torment a sick kid.

  4. Ah. We have a problem, here. Or at least, Anonymous 1 at 11.22pm has a problem.

    Anonymous 1 is an anus looking for an alimentary canal to be buddies with.

    One day, she/he/it will find one and will have found their purpose in life. But not until.

  5. Hi Matt!
    Anon #2 is my dad. He's not registered and doesn't want to register, so he has to post anonymously although he did identify himself, not that he's the only "John" on the planet. Anon #1 is presumably one of my relatives.

  6. Hello Alexis, Hello, John!

    Hello alimentary canal seeking anon-i-relative!