Friday, December 10, 2010

No News Yet

I don't yet have any new information regarding my pseudo-aunt and her newly diagnosed medical condition. My dad is calling her and her husband on Sunday to offer to help in any way that he can. I don't know whether or not she has been teaching since she received the diagnosis. Her parents want her to take medical leave, or if that isn't granted (which my dad says it should be at least until there is time to more thoroughly evaluate the risks of having her continue to teach in an elementary school setting where there are many pathogens present) they've offered to support her and pseudo uncle until pseudo-uncle begins his residency.

I'm going home in ten days. I'll be home until shortly after the new year begins. I have to admit that I'm really looking forward to spending extended time in my new room and sleeping in my comfortable Westin bed and on decent-thread-count sheets for an extended period. I haven't been home even for long enough to switch my bedding and rugs, which is one of the nicest features of my new room.

I have no idea what I am getting for Christmas this year from my parents. My brother and I each usually get one semi-major gift from them. We don't get cars or anything that extravagent, but they usually spend a few hundred dollars on us for something besides clothes. I can't think of anything I want all that much that is in their price range. I'm sure they'll think of something.

I will have vvery little time for Christmas shopping, so I'm doing most of my shopping online. I don't really like Chirstmas shopping online, and if something is not what I ordered, I won't have time to exchange it before Christmas because I won't see that it is the wrong thing until I get home, but there really isn't much else I can do. If only a few items are screwed up, I can probably shop for just the people who would have received those items.

I will miss this weather when I go home. Coastal weather in California is incredibly pleasant much of the time.

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  1. Hope your 'aunt' is OK. She has got through life this far OK, so, hopefully she will continue to be OK.

    I think you need to hire a personal shopper. ;o))