Friday, December 24, 2010


My family will do family Christmas eve things with my uncle Steve's family. We'll all go to midnight mass together even though Steve's family isn't Catholic. Santa comes during the night. After we assess our loot, we'll go to my Aunt Victoria's house a couple of hours away for the rest of the day. Uncle Steve's family sometimes comes as well, but I'm not sure if they're coming this year. I do like traveling with my own personal physician in case anything goes wrong. (My dad's a doctor but he doesn't really count in that regard.)Then I'll be ready to crash for about the next thirty hours.

If anyone gets a chance check out the blog of She has an interesting take on just what it is we all should be doing with our Decembers. Just reading her ideas gives me new appreciation for the sanity of my own parents, which is something to which I've never given a great deal of thought.

becca is out of the hospital. she's a bit down, as her most recent medical problem sort of hit her from nowhere. We're all vvery relieved that she is home and hope that something really nice happens to her soon so that she will feel like her normal self.

Merry Christmas Eve, and if I don't talk to you again, Merry Christmas!

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  1. Ah, yes. Mass sounds like fun. After watching an old Poirot we watched the Paul O'Grady Show with Bett Middler and then saw a Chirstmas Gospel concert. That was cool. The atheist we were with said how much she loved it.

    I am, I think, becoming a little worse for ware. No, I mean wear. Hell. I am buzzed.

    Hello Alexis, Hello Alexis' parents and hello Becca and assorted persons of all types. Happy Christmas!