Thursday, December 16, 2010

pseudos & other matters

My dad came. He apologized, as I knew he would have to eventually because my mom would force him. I'm only grounded for two days. He's too hard-headed to just rescind the total consequence; doing so would be an act of concession on his part, and he's just not a concilaitory sort of person. So he reduced my sentence, which allowed him to feel still masculineand in conrol, yet not Stalinesque. being here amongst all this psychobabble has given me the access to psychobabble needed to psychoanalyze my parents and others. if I choose to do much of this, I could become truly obnoxious with minimal effort.

daddy and pseudos went with me to a university pool to dive. Pseudo-uncle dove as well. He doesn't actually know how to dive, but he didn't let that get in his way. It made me look really good by comparison. I could benefit from all the help I needed to look good at diving, becuase the length of my layoff made me really rusty.

We're all going out to dinner in just a bit. Psedo-aunt doesn't look significantly different than she did last summer, which is a relief. I was concerned that there might have been a big change in her appearance.

The director of this facility admitted just befoe my father arrived that he does not have anyone's permission to beat me no matter what I do. I'm still not planning on terrorizing the place, but I am relieved. I tHOUGHT he was joking, but it bothered me that I didn't know for certain. i think that doctor is the only person i know who is better at mind games than i am. I respect him for it. It's a skill that not all of us have.

After dinner we're going to the beach/ my pseudo uncle and my dad are going to play their guitars. I don't relate to people who take their guitars everywhere. You don't see me trying to cart my piano all over the

i haven't yet heard anything new about Rebecca. I surely hope she will be OK. please continue to pray for her.


  1. You don't see me trying to cart my piano all over the nation.

    Maybe you should?

  2. I suppose i could make some sort of statement by doing just that.