Monday, December 20, 2010

awake briefly at home/ Twin Day

My mom and I flew home today. My dad is going to Los Angeles to do some work and to meet with cystic fibrosis specialists with my pseudo-aunt and her husband and parents. Pseudo-aunt's husband is almost through medical school., her dad is an Ob-Gyn, and her mom has a master's in nursing science, so it's not like her own family is utterly clueless, but my dad is very connected and has already become practically an expert in the field of cystic fibrosis treatment, or at least he sees it that way.

My pseudo-aunt was really nervous about having her parents involved in any consultations because they have been known to be controlling on occasion, but my dad tells her that they will be easier for her to handle if she lets them be at least marginally involved rather than keeping them in the dark. Besides, they're basically paying for everything.

I'm still very sleepy from a heavy-duty anti-nausea medication I had to take because I was tossing my cookies before I got on the plane. I am staying awake just long enough to change the rug in my room to the white one to match the sheets and comforter, since that's faster than changing the sheets and coomforter to match the rug. Once I'm no longer in a drugged-out stupor, I'll probably change the decor in here every day.

I'm grounded so my mom confiscated my phone and computer, but she forgot there's anpother computer that stays in the room, and she didn't take away my TV. There's also a phone landline extension altough I don't normally hold personal conversations on an extension to my family's landline. Acually, come to think of it, it mught be a separate line than my family's phone line. I'll check it out when I'm not so tired. I could deal with grounding much better if it always occurred in this form. I briefly opened something I thought was a desk in my room and found a digital piano. I don't know if it was put there since I last saw the room or if it's been there all along and I just didn't notice it. This room becomes cooler each time I see it.

Even though I'm grounded for two days (originally it was the entire time I was home, but it was reduced to two days) my best friend is coming over for dinner tonight becuase my mom invited her before I was grounded. If Dad were here she probably wouldn't be coming, but c'est la vie. The cat is away, and the mice are having a field day in his absence.

I'm going to fall asleep wherever I'm standing in about thirty seconds, so I'm going to bed. Good night all even though it's technically broad rainy daylight. I love sleeping when it's raining outside.

P. S. I was channel surfing in my drug-induced stupor and caught a bit of Sesame Street where some generic muppet announced it's Twin Day. I'm a twin as is my twin brother (DUH!), my two brothers who didn't make it who were born almost two years before my twin and me, as well as my mom and her twin brother. Happy Twin Day Mom, Uncle Andrew, Twin Brother, and anyone else out there to whom the greeting applies. By the way, I have no idea if Twin Day is an invention of Sesame Street writers or if it's some sort of sanctioned event. I don't suppose it actually matters.

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