Saturday, July 18, 2015

Book of Mormon Stories

I'm finally going to see it! My dad thinks I need some Ativan.

Tonight! I'm going! To see the "Book of Mormon" musical. For me, this is like Christmas, my birthday, and the day the professor suddenly becomes too sick to lecture and cannot find a substitute on such short notice, all rolled into one.  Mere words cannot express my level of excitement.

A group of us from med school, plus a few strays several of us are dragging along, will be meeting up before the play  at the private home of a relative of someone's friend, who graciously offered to let us gather at his home to party so we wouldn't spoil the summer fun activities of some poor, unsuspecting family trying to frolic in the pool of the Holiday Inn or the Marriott or whatever hotel upon which we might have chosen to descend.

Cool Guy from my cohort has been in town since yesterday. He asked if he could visit on his way. my parents  said he could sleep last night at our house since i'm not sleeping there. I'm here with my Godchild. I was originally going to ride with my brother and my cousin Josh and Jared, but i'll probably ride with cool guy  unless a generous aunt offers the use of her oversized SUV, in which case we can all travel together. 

Taiwanese-American  girl from San Francisco (the one whose younger sister has fashion sense and dressed me up well enough that I had all male eyes on me during my oral presentation) is taking the train to Fresno and will meet us there. We have to have enough room in whatever vehicles we take to squeeze her in with her luggage as well, She's  coming back to spend a couple of days with me, after which she
will take the train to the LA area to visit with another classmate.  Her family is starting to irritate her, and she needs a break. She doesn't realize it, but about this time next year, she will wish for a break from medical school and want to be back with her family.

I'll tell you about it tomorrow, though I can almost guarantee it  will be fabulous unless it's one gigantic hoax, and at the end they drag everyone out of their theatre seats into some humongus baptismal font they've erected and dunk us in it, and we walk out of the place as official Mormons whether we want to be or not. I seriously doubt such to be the case, though, as Judge Alex would have warned me. He says he's seen it something like three or four times, and, no disrespect intended toward Judge Alex, but he really wouldn't make a very good Mormon.

I'll close with the lyrics of an actual Mormon kiddies' song. It sounds like one of those bad  imitation native American songs in beginning piano books, and the children do politically incorrect actions as they're singing the song.  I'll also try to find a video of some LDS children singing the song with the actions. Both would probably be copyright violations, but what's a copyright violation or two between friends?

Book of Mormon stories like my teacher tells to me
Are about the Lamanites in ancient history.
Long ago their fathers came from far across the sea,
Given this land 
If they lived
Righ --- teous ---  ly!

Lamanites met others who were seeking liberty,
And the land soon welcomed all who wanted to be free.
Book of mormon stories say that we muct brothers be,
Given this land
If we live
Righ --- teous --- ly!

Incidentally, when I was six and staying with relatives  in Utah, I got dragged out of the Primary room and spanked for refusing to do the actions or sing this song because the whole thing was so freakingly politically incorrect.

These kids don't even know the second verse. In my day, it's something you should have known by the time you turrned  two or else that meant there was something seriously wrong either with you or with your parents, but there's something about today's kids . . . They just keep getting lamer and lamer.


  1. It's amazing. I saw it two years ago and my husband still gets a kick out of me starting to laugh beefier everyone else because I knew what joke was coming up because of my fabulous ex-mo knowledge. Some of the stuff in primary is pretty screwed up and my mom doesn't really understand why I won't let her take my kids to church with her.

    1. You could clearly tell the insiders from the nevermos or those with no close connection to all things LDS by which of us laughed before the punch lines were delivered, as we already knew what they would be.

  2. Enjoy Alexis.

    3 years ago we were on a visit to New York. Just happened to be staying in a hotel next door to the theatre where BOM was playing.

    We were informed tickets were impossible to get. Indeed there was a daily lottery outside our bedroom window for 6 tickets per day ,with maybe 200 people entering the lottery daily. A cab driver told us that Book of Mormon would run for at least 3 years on Broadway.

    We had a great time in New York as tourists from small town,other side of the world so often do. My beloved suggested I ask about returned tickets one afternoon. Not believing it would be possible,i put up minimal resistance. Yes indeedy! ONE seat for that evening. Cost? I've tried ever since to block out the cost- let's just say it was between $400 and $500 US.

    My NeverMo husband and "What the heck is the Mormon church-Oh that one that makes Grandma so weird!" daughter insisted I go. Like Mango-Moo i was laughing before the punchlines. Fantastically well done, brilliant satire and the wonderful golden thread of "Yep- that's what makes Mormons so weird" through it all.

    It opens in Australia, later this year. Air flights, hotel stay ,meals and tickets will still probably come in cheaper than my night on Broadway but may not be as memorable.

    PS we did have many other memorable nights in New York apart from my personal indulgence

    1. My ticket was a mere $83, but then, it wasn't on Broadway.

  3. It's a wonderful show! I hope you enjoyed it!

    1. I'd watch it again right now at 4;43 a.m. if there was another showing.

  4. it was funnier than I could have imagined. my dad and I (he was there, sitting in the lower level, though not with my group) laughed before everyone else did. I'm a de facto exmormon even though i was never formally dunked except in the temple. i technically even have a membership number, thugh i don't know it because I no longer have my temple recommend.

  5. I looked this up on Youtube and found this trailer. It says that it is one of three things that you should do before you die. It says that it is the best musical in the last century.

    Have you seen the movie, Brother Sun Sister Moon? It is about St. Francis of Assisi and is a Catholic movie but is against the organized Catholic religion! I told my Catholic girlfriend and her best friend (a Protestant) about how good it is. So I watched it with them. They said that it must have gone completely over their heads . It made no sense to them at all? It is about an inner experience that is not common.

    Please watch this 8 minute segment of it and see if you can understand it at all. It is about being in love with life.

    He says on this "If the purpose of life is this loveless toil, that we fill our days with, then it's not for me. There must be something better. There has to be. Man is a spirit. He has a soul. And that is what I want to recapture-- my soul."

    Three hundred years before Jesus was born, Socrates said that the most important thing in life is the immortal soul. He said about it "Know thyself!"

    1. i have seen "Brother Sun and Sister Moon." I even remember the theme song.