Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Shockingly Unprofessional Nurses

This is not my Godchild, but a random preemie. They don't start looking like real babies for a few weeks.

I'm not going to drag this into a long and drawn-out story, but some people who work in hospitals do not deserve to take up space on the planet, much less to be employed as nurses in neonatal infant care units. I'll try to make this short and to the point.

My Aunt Jillian was taken in a wheelchair to see her baby in the NICU for the first time today. She and my new Godchild were transferred to a hospital with a higher level NICU just as a precaution. My uncle pushed her in to see the baby. She had scrubbed and was gloved. She was patting the baby, Camille, and talking to her. 

A nurse said, "What a little doll!" to Jillian, then, not realizing that Jillian and Scott were both looking at her, turned to a fellow nurse and made an imitation  gagging gesture. The other nurse laughed. Then they saw that Scott and Jillian were looking right at them. The "nurses" couldn't even come up with a phony explanation, so they just busied themselves with other tasks.

It really hurt my aunt's feelings. She knows that her baby  is not a beauty at this point. It made her cry so much that she had a breathing issue and had to have an emergency breathing treatment. Jillian and the baby will be transferred to another hospital tomorrow.

When I reach the point in my career that I don't have to put up with garbage from incompetent nurses, I won't take that sort of $h!t from them.


  1. That's horrible! I'm glad Jillian and baby are going somewhere else. I hope the next nurses are more professional.

  2. So Jillian, like you, is also sensitive to insults. This hurts you not the insulting person. They have other problems. Of course Camille may become a super model. You said that you looked awful as a newborn baby but I think you look totally adorable now and in that baby picture. I used to drive a cab part time and liked talking to people.

    So a lady did her shopping at the supermarket and called a cab since she cannot carry 10 bags home. The cab driver did not like having to wait for her to load the bags into the cab and said something nasty and she replied. He refused to take her so she needed another cab.

    So I came and got her and learned what happened and had advice for her. People can replace hurt feelings with compassion that is a kind of love. I told her that just a few minutes with this unpleasant guy has made her really upset. But look at it another way. You will probably never see this guy again. But he is stuck with himself to spend eternity with himself. It will be hell for him unless he changes.

    So she got to witness a guy living in extreme pain. There is that saying that rules everything: "Misery loves company." So this nurse did this since she in in pain and hates her life. She hates people and her job. She wishes someone would kill her and end the pain. But death does not end the pain.

    This world is full of people in a great deal of pain but they can do something about it if they want. In a movie Noah (the Noah with the ark) said to God why didn't you make people like angels where they only do good. God said that angels are not as lucky as people. People can choose to do bad or they can choose to do good and feel a happiness that the angels cannot even imagine.

    If one chooses to follow that stupid advice that Jesus gives about treating your enemy with kindness, that person can get a glimpse of being in heaven and can change reality in an instant like if he were God. It is not normal to treat enemies with kindness , then what is it, abnormal?

    Alexander Pope said "To err is human, to forgive divine." Bill Gates is rich but Mother Teresa was in poverty, chastity and obedience. It is for you to decide who was/is happier.

  3. Wow that was a long comment that your blog let me leave. You have time for TV now (summer) but I guess you will not have this for the next few years. So I saw something about coming TV shows and they remind me of you. Code Black is a TV show where the hospital does not have enough resources for the patients. It says code black is the code for this. Alexis, is that true in real life? You can ask your father if you do not know.

    There is Angel from Hell. Allison is an M.D. and she meets her fairy God mother that watches over her all of the time. You could relate to both of these TV shows.

    But here is one that you might really love. "It's not a bird. It's not a plane. It's not a man. It's Supergirl." This series is called Supergirl (she is Superman's cousin-- Kara Zor-El). Alexis, you are the Supergirl of blogs. For this show from old it is okay to use girl instead of woman. I love TV shows with people that fly. I fly a lot in my dreams while sleeping.

  4. That is really horrible! Especially for NICU nurses ... not that any nurse she exhibit that kind of behavior. I am glad that Jillian and Camille are moving to a more professional facility.