Sunday, February 3, 2013

Waxing Philosophical About the Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLVII is history.  The Forty-Niners have experienced their very first super bowl loss. My family has Bay Area roots on both sides to some degree, but even the most devoted fan among us won't be driven to put his head inside a gas oven or overdose on Propofol.   It's a game.  It's nice when our team wins, but our team cannot win all the time and, furthermore, if our team did win all the time, we wouldn't really appreciate the times when they do win.

A few crucial calls appeared to lees-than-objective fans to possibly have been in error, but I have not yet checked objective sources to see if anyone less biased than my family and friends also recognizes the error in those few crucial calls. Regardless, I'm certain any errors that may have been made were not deliberate. My brother said that the referees who officiated the game tonight were not necessarily the ones with the highest ratings, as some of those officials had been outspoken during the officials' strike earlier in the season and were suffering retaliation by not being invited to officiate in the Super Bowl.  This is something I heard from my brother and not from  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, so I take it with a grain of salt. If it is true, however, such action was not in the best interest in the league, and Mr. Goodell and anyone else who had a part in this decision-making process should not be proud.

I'm still feverish with achy legs, a headache, and a few very minor respiratory issues. My uncle has diagnosed these symptoms collectively as influenza, so I will not be back on campus until the fever subsides, which should be soon enough, as I cannot see this going on for too long. Just in case, I'll throw together an additional make-up assignment for gymnastics. My professors are more than happy not to have a person with influenza of any type attending their classes and are cooperating fully by  providing me with their own lecture notes.

I'm growing somewhat bored, but I don't exactly feel like prancing all over a gymnasium while turning various forms of flips, as merely walking makes me dizzy. I'll stay in bed and be waited on for a day or two. By then I should again be ready to take on the world, or at least to attend classes.


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  1. We had a Super Bowl party here at our house in SF. In spite of the loss, we still had a good time. Everyone was glad that the Niners at least rallied at the end.

    Alexis, feel better!