Monday, February 11, 2013

Damn, It Hurts!

The pain has worsened in my lower calves, ankles and feet --  the right one in particular, although it's just by comparison that the left one seems not to hurt so much. I suspect if I took a saw and hacked off the right one, the left one would then hurt every bit as much as the right one hurts now. It's all a matter of perspective. At least massage is no longer an issue. If anyone tried to touch me where it hurts, I'd probably go into cardiac arrest or something. (My dad says I'm being dramatic again.)

While the entire area hurts, the pain seems to be worse around the area where my tibia and fibula were fractured two years ago. My dad said it's not uncommon with either fever or changes in barometric pressure for old injuries to cause pain.

My dad called my rheumatologistm who said to start an iV and give me dilaudid and lorazepam so I can sleep. He told my dad to double check with my pediatrician in terms of dosages. I usually need a little less than someone of my weight because the drug's covering height but not much girth, and thebone itslef doesn't absorb asmuchof the drugs. pediatricians and pain medication specialists know more about such things, and since my dad doesn't have a pain medication on speed dial, he;ll call my Uncle Steve, who is my pediatrician. As far as I'm concerned, they should just given me the whole bottle of the stuff and put me out of my misery.

Here comes the IV. Help is on the way. First I'll get really loopy, then I'll fall asleep.

Bonne Nuit a Tous!


  1. My dad said once I'm off the Lorazepam and dilaudid I can have a Guinness, which is probably better for me than those toxic iIV drugs are, anyway. I can't complain too much, though, because however groggy I am, I'm not feeling a hell of a lot of pain at the moment.

    thanks for the advice. Somehow it sounds better to my dad when it's coming from someone other than I.

  2. Dads know best.....most of the time. Get better soon.

  3. In about nine days, Guinness will be the remedy of choice.

  4. It's good that they're taking your pain seriously. Enjoy the pain free moments and feel better soon. Hopefully, by now things are beginning to improve for you.

  5. My people are pretty good about taking most of my pain seriously. Heachaches are the only real issue. I don''t get tons of them, but when I do, they're of the barfing, not seeing clearly, dizzy variety, and my mom tends to be like "Everyone gets headaches sometimes, Alexis. Deal with it. Here's a Tylenol," which I throw up about thirty seconds after taking it. Fortunately, if Dad's not around, there are others I can call who will usually come up with something that helps.