Saturday, February 2, 2013

Superbowl, and I Really Don't Care

On Thursday night I went to sleep much as I always do. I woke up on Friday morning with my usual weekday sense of urgency. I jumped out of bed and began pulling things out of closets and drawers and began dressing. My mom opened my door and reminded me that I wasn't going to class.  It hit me almost as a shock. I sat on my bed and began slowly to remove the things I put on and to pull my pajamas back into place.

I crawled back under the covers. I noticed the dog sticking her paws beneath the door, so I got up and opened the door to let her in. When she's in my room, she sleeps on a throw rug right newt to my bed.
I reached for my remote and turned the tV on. there wasn't much that caught my interest, but I like background noise, so I left it on the weather channel and eventually went back to sleep.

Someone came in a few times to give me things to drink, and my mom left the door ajar so that the dog could come and go as she pleased.  I noticed the sun gradually getting brighter and then dimmer, but paid little attention to it. i eventually woke up to notice the sun sot of out again. The clock said 1:40.  I had slept more or less uninterrupted for thirty hours. i did not think such a thing was possible, but it obviously is.

When I got up to eat cereal, my mom said I had a fever the day before -- nothing terribly impressive, but about 102.0 at its highest. She felt my forehead and said that I no longer feel warm.  That's a good thing, as I have plans to go to my Aunt Jillian's house tomorrow, and I don't go there if i'm harboring any active infection.

The Super Bowl s sort of a non-event for me. I usually attend someone's part to be sociable, but if there aren't at least a few people there who, like me, don't care a great deal about the game its;ef or even the commercials. I'm very bored. My Aunt Jillian doesn't care about the Super bowl, either, so I'll have at least one like-minded person with whom to interact.

Enjoy the unofficial national holiday.


  1. I don't care about the Super Bowl. Last year, instead of watching football, I ended up watching "Snapped", which led to my most controversial blog post to date. This year, it looks like it's a "Golden Girls' marathon. My husband went out to buy some sandwich fixings, though. All the Facebook posts about party food have left me wanting something yummy.

    Glad you're feeling better. For me 102 degree fever is significant. It usually gives me the shakes something awful!

  2. I don't care much either. It's just more pleasant in the house if everyone else is happy. Still, my family knows it's just a game.

    I'm feeling better but the fever's hanging on so I'm out of school at least a day or two. my doctor has been in contact with my professors, so they're more than happy not to have me in class. bymid-week all should be well.