Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Heart Belongs to Me.

As far as my former significant other is concerned, his status may not be so former after all. Roses were delivered early this morning, a candy gram came at noon, and I received  a makeshift pajamagram at about 3:00. The former significant other  had wanted  to send me the real thing (in terms of the pajamagram) but his mom convinced him that I would drown in the smallest size the company offered.  His mom and his sister helped him to pick out a lovely silk nightshirt / silk-blend knit leggings ensemble from Victoria's Secret***, which is not the typical go-to place of business for Valentine's day gifts (or gifts for any occasion/) when it comes to Mormons and their shopping habits. I appreciate the concession made on my behalf, yet can't help wondering if the fourteen-year old sister will ever be truly the same as she was before her venture into Babylon.. The single shopping excursion may have done more to bring the girl toward the light than anything I might ever have done intentionally.

Just because someone sends me something doesn't mean I'm absolutely obligated to reciprocate, but he has been very nice lately, and I didn't wish to be rude.  I'm not exactly in a position to hop into my car, pick out a nice shirt and tie for him, and drive to Los Angeles with it.  Fortunately, I have a Fairy-God-Aunt who also had relatives traveling to the UCLA neighborhood today, which is where my former (or not-so-former) significant other attends school  and lives in the dorms.

Jillian took cookie dough out of the freezer and baked two kinds of cookies: chocolate chip and frosted heart-shaped sugar cookies.  She packaged them beautifully, I was told by others, and had her mom deliver them this afternoon when part of the family drive to Los Angeles. Timmy, Jillian's brother, attends UCLA med school, and her mom was delivering baked goods to him for Valentine's Day in the immediate vicinity while on a family trip. The coincidence was most fortuitous.

The gift I gave was  sub-par when compared to his, but it's the thought that counts, or it's what people say all the time, anyway, when they inadvertently give someone a gift that is out-matched by the one given to them. The thought might have counted more had I actually baked the cookies that he received, nut he's none the wiser unless he reads this blogs, and so far he has no clue as to its existence.

My response to this person's actions is causing me to sound as though someone can drop me like a soda can into a recycling bin, and that i'll come rushing back at the first sign of positive attention, but the situation is a little more complicated than I've indicated.. The whole breakup, which  in my opinion he could have resisted more forcefully than he did, was at is father's insistence due to religious differences between the two of us, and due largely  to his father's fear that I would exert  excessive influence in the ex's (or not so ex's) decision as to whether or not to fulfill a two-year mission for his church. The official part of the break-up was short-lived, as the former (or not) significant other's mother very quickly overruled he husband's decision. Once the guy had dated three other girls in  the three days, however, things were not the same regardless of the impetus of the split.  Once his mother issued her edict,  I won't say that he exactly groveled, but he did become more attentive than he had been at any time  in the past.  This latest gesture, however, was by far the most seemingly sincere act since I've known the guy.  Still, I choose to be cautious where such matters are concerned. I'm eighteen. There's half  a lifetime  at the very least for me to conclude that any guy is THE one.

On a totally unrelated topic, I added two songs to my list of favorite songs, which now numbers twenty-seven and not just twenty-five. I suspect the total will number somewhere around eighty-nine before it's complete   My two additional selections are ones I can scarcely believe slipped my mind. One is "House at Pooh Corner" by Kenny Loggins. The other is "Waltzing Matilda."

The latest news on the myositis front is that I am no longer taking Toradol. Instead I'm using a topical NSAID known as Flector patches.  They seem more effective so I'm happy.

Happy Hallmark Day.

***  I'm not, by any stretch of the definition, anorexic.  I have small bones and a very ectomorphic body type, with a small appetite to boot.  If I could have my Fairy-God-Aunt wave her magic wand and instantly make me a size 2, I'd do it in a heartbeat.


  1. I prefer to call this Half Priced VD Candy Eve. I sincerely bought for nor received anything from my husband and I'm fine with that. Plus I am WAY too excited to go shopping tomorrow than what can be considered normal. I can't wait!

    I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday though.

  2. It's nice to be thought of like that. And even if you're not "with him" in the boyfriend/ girlfriend sense anymore, it doesn't mean that you have to hate him. I mean, it's not like he cheated on you with another girl, or was physically, or verbally abusive. Our parents have a lot of influence over out decisions, and I think it shows a lot that you recognize that. Even if he did hurt your feelings at the time. Love is... weird.

    I didn't do anything yesterday. My mother likes to make a big deal about holidays such as this, I just think it's stupid. Maybe I'll feel differently when I'm in love with someone, or whatever.

  3. As I get a bit older and more practicsl, I will adopt your version of Valentine's Day , Amelia. Christmas will always probably have to be Christmas to me at the right time (though even the most diehard purists know Jesus was born nowhere hear December 25) in spite of immediate post-Christmas sales, but nothing about VD is so sacred that it can't stand being delayed an extra day to buy up all the good candy at a fraction of its cost the day before.

    In California and maybe in other parts of the west coast, we have a candy store called "See's."
    I've had the fine European chocolate and all, but to me, nothing beats See's in terms of quality, and the variety is good as well. The post-VD sales aren't quite so cut-rate, but the stuff is so freaking good that I'm willing to forego just a but of the discount to eat the very best.

    For awhile we had "Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory" around as well. I don't know if it's gone belly up or has just closed its franchises near here. It was pretty good, but it didn't come close to See's.

  4. Becca, regardless of the inconvenience of having to hurriedly devise a way of reciprocating when I really wasn't in any position to do, I liked the whole thing. The thought behind it all notwithstanding, the candy is delicious (it's See's, which is, I believe, a west coast brand, but I've yet to taste any chocolates that compare with the brand, and I love the pajamas. Flowers are something I consider sort of wasted money,as their attractiveness and usefulness are so fleeting, but they were at least pink roses, which are among my two favorite flowers, with the other being tulips. And of course, regardless of material gain, being thought of was the most important part.