Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Little Sympathy for Serena Williams

I'm not a major fan of Serena Williams. For that matter, I'm not a fan at all.  Incidents in which she has threatened and/or harassed officials have  not painted her in a very positive light.  Neither did her behavior in her loss to Sloane Stephens.  Sometimes Serena's actions more closely resemble those of a common thug than those of a world-class athlete.

Serena's ankle injury was on the record before her loss to Stephens. If she were going to feign an injury, she presumably would have gone with the previously-incurred ankle problem, so her injury was presumably legitimate. Seriously, though, does Serena ever lose a match in which she doesn't take an injury timeout? Furthermore, her back didn't appear to be hurting all that much as she pounded her racket against any available surface.

Serena's failure to give credit where it's due  by explaining away losses with saying in effect that no one else can beat her, but that only she can defeat herself,  reeks of nonexistent  sportsmanship in an era where poor sportsmanship is the norm.  Even if it's true in some cases, it's a tacky thing to say.  

I said I'm not going to waste time calculating my percentages of assignment completion, and I'm sticking to my resolution, but today has been a productive day.

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