Thursday, January 10, 2013

Announcement from Auntie Jillian

Alexis appears to have contracted the same digestive bug that has been floating around my neighborhood. On Monday she held my neighbor's fussy baby at the hospital while my neighbor was examined by a colleague of my husband because her symptoms matched those of other sick people in our immediate neighborhood. Thought should have been given as to why the normally cherubic infant was cranky. Baby came down with the bug the next morning.  Alexis now has it.

Alexis was suffering in silence in her bedroom all afternoon and evening. Her father checked on her and found her ill at about midnight. She's been moved to the designated sick house (my house) where everyone  either has the bug, is in various stages of recovery and can help care for the sicker ones, or appears immune, which is my dad. My Dad is an MD and can care for everyone. Others in the family are dropping off provisions,

Alexis is currently hooked up to an IV for hydration and intraveinous infusion of anti-emetic and anti-diarrheal medications.  In a matter of hours she should be feeling merely sick, as opposed to the feeling of imminent death that she is presently experiencing.  She'll be out of classes for the remainder of the week, so her actual return to gymnastics will be postponed by roughly five days. Alas, what's good is worth waiting for.


  1. I hope Alexis and everyone in your home and neighborhood get better soon. Having just gotten over Influenza B, I know that feel like you're at Death's Door is not particularly fun!

    Thank you Aunt Jillian for letting us know :)

    aka Faery Chaos

  2. Sending tons of healing thoughts her way!

  3. Oh no! I hope you start to feel better soon, Alexis. We were are similarly ill with something like that before the holidays. It is very dreadful, but hopefully you're feeling a little more like yourself with the meds and the fluids. I will be sending healing thoughts your way.

    And, Jillian, I hope you're able to avoid getting this bug, if you haven't already.

    Best wishes.

  4. Thanks, everyone. Becca, I'm now well enough to be bored, which, I've been told, is a good sign.