Saturday, October 6, 2012

Espanol for Dummies

My dad has decided that if I'm considering medical school and planning to live in California, I need to learn to speak Spanish.  He now only speaks to me in Spanish, which is fine with me, as I really don't care all that much about anything he says, anyway. He might just as well be speaking Lithuanian.  I have a sixth sense and can tell when anything he says relates to money. If such is the case, I pay attention and attempt to understand what he is saying. If it's not about money, however, I smile and say, "Si, Senor" whether he's talking about school, dinner, or a herpes virus.

Vaya con Dios.


  1. My step sister sent these dvds with a cartoon panda that speaks foreign languages to my 3 year old. We got French and Spanish and so far we haven't even opened the Spanish ones. I love French so much more, someone else is going to have to watch the others with her.
    My husband says she should have sent Spanish and Chinese is she wanted G to learn anything that would actually be helpful.

    1. My cousin, who may not be that much of an expert as he thinks he knows everything but probably doesn't actually know that much, say that French and Chinese, along with English, are the major languages of today's world.

  2. I like French better than Spanish as well. My dad's parents are from Quebec, and french is his first language, but he thinks Spanish is essential in California. He learned Spanish on his LDS mission to South America. He speaks Italian and Portuguese passably well also. He doesn't speak Chinese, though. In his research-based medical profession, speaking Mandarin would be a major asset.