Sunday, October 21, 2012

It Was Easier When I Could Just Be Cat Woman

With Halloween rapidly approaching, I have plans to make. I'll still be up to my neck in readings and assignments, but I do plan to take the night off.  It's highly unlikely that my parents will allow me to spend the evening in [the college community I'm not allowed to name], but i may have the opportunity for a little fun with people close to my own age.

I haven't yet decided on a Halloween costume. I don't know how to make myself look like Ann Romney, not that I'd necessarily want to resemble her even on Halloween.  I could make a really realistic Gabby Douglas, but skin color makeup is considered to be in poor taste.  If the boy who is not my boyfriend were attending festivities with me, we could be prince William and Kate, but his university is in Los Angeles, and Halloween is on a week night this year.  The polygs haven't been in the news much lately, so dressing up as one of them would  be somewhat pointless. I could drss up as a Mormon lady missionary just for the hell of it. I'm not sure what they wear, but it wouldn't be hard to find out.

My body type wouldn't make a very realistic Honey Boo Boo Child.; she probably even has more physical development in her favor than I do.  Her mother would be fun to portray as well, but  I look even less like her than I look like Honey Boo Boo herself.

I could be Chelsea Handler or Suri Cruise or Michele Bachman or Wonder Woman before she grew breasts. I suppose I could also dress up as Nicky Minaj, or I could impersonate a nun.  In a real pinch, I could dress up once again as Trailer Trash Barbie.  If I choose the trailer trash Barbie, unless I wear a sign, I'll just look like one of the pre-teen skanks in my former city.

the possibilities are numerous, but I'm not all that excited about any of them.


  1. My mom made me a Wonder Woman costume when I was 5. Black curly wig and all. I can't say I was overly fond of it. Some old lady at the school parade thought I was Posh from the Spice Girls. Gotta love the 90's.

  2. When I worked at the group home one of the kids asked what my costume was going to be that year. I told her I'd be going as a poor group home staff. She said; "That can't be your costume! That's what you are every day!!"

  3. Amelia, you should have not washed your hair for a week before Halloween (and maybe should have worn the same clothing for a week without laundering it as well) in the name of authenticity of your costume, as in you were so poor you couldn't afford shampoo or detergent.

    Becca, you were probably such a cute Wonder Woman. At least we weren't the right age to have been forced to be that gosh-awful Rsinbow Brite.