Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cartoon Dislike

I have an almost irrational distaste -- I don't really like to use the word hate in this sense -- for Sean Hannity. Plenty of rational reasons exist for disliking Sean Hannity, but I'm not sure any of those reasons are behind my rather intense aversion to Hannity.  While he's not as totally insane as Glenn Beck or quite so caricaturish as Limbaugh, he has the potential to cause more harm because a few more people who are maybe a bit stupid but not total idiots take him seriously.

Hannity is  not as incarnately evil as Ann Coulter, although I'm not 100% sure she's for real. Much of the venom she spews is so far beyond outrageous that I wonder if anyone intelligent enough to vocalize beyond the level of grunting can actually believe she's serious. Sometimes I wonder if perhaps Ann Coulter has an awesome gig and she knows it, and if she's going to ride it as far as it will take her. Probably not, but still I wonder.

While my political leanings are most definitely liberal, I'm not blindly in opposition to all things conservative.  I don't despise Bill O 'Reilly. I think David Gergen, who's moderate, is one of the most astute political analysts around.  No one's funnier than Carville, and I place a high premium on comic relief, but Gergen has a better handle on what's really happening in D. C. than just about anyone in my opinion.

With Hannity, it's almost as if the omnipresent smirk on his face makes me angry every time I see it, even before he says anything.

Ann Romney is starting to have the same effect on me. As much as I dislike Mitt and don't want him to be president, I might be able to tolerate a Romney presidency [for one term, anyway] if Ann and the five Romney sons would agree to hie to Kolob (an allusion taken verbatim from an LDS hymn, believe it or not) for the duration of the term. The oldest son, Tagg, or whatever his actual name is, somewht unnerves me. Matt and Josh aren't quite so bad. Ben, the MD, has a permanent sneer on his face. perhaps it's just the way his mouth is formed, but it looks like a sneer to me, and it puts me into an instant bad mood for an entire day if I have to see it. The youngest son, Craig, looks totally caballo loco to me. Maybe it's just my perception, but there's something in his eyes that seems not quite right, and I don't think it's Graves' Disease. Then again, maybe it's his weird hair. I'm somewhat surprised all the Romneys didn't wrestle him to the ground and cut it into a more respectable style.

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