Monday, October 1, 2012

A Loaded Schedule of Courses Is Preferable to a Loaded Gun

I'm entering what will likely be my most difficult  quarter of school ever if I end up in law school, and second only to third-year rotations of medical school if I go in that direction. Only two of my present  classes are required. The others are needed to pad my resume, so to speak, and to make me a more competitive applicant. I've already completed law school requirements. I could graduate in June and would probably be admitted to the law school of my choice, but I will have a better chance of thriving once there if I'm nineteen when I make my initial appearance in law school. I would have a tough time even being admitted into medical school if I applied this year. Furthermore, I need to fulfill some sort of a lab internship as a medical school candidate, if that's the option I choose.

I'm taking Biology II,  Biology of Cancer, Inorganic Chemistry, Neurobiology of Brain States, and Study of Descartes as well as [pre-recital] music performance/piano.

I'm going to take the MCAT in spring of 2013. I'll take a lighter course load so that I can prep for the MCAT, and probably for the LSAT once I've finished the MCAT. I don't plan to take either exam twice, but there's probably time to sneak in another attempt in a worst-case scenario. If I categorically self-destruct with regard to the MCAT, I'll have a reasonably good idea that I was not successful after taking the test, even before receiving scores, and will conclude that it's an omen and that I should be taking my talent [or lack of such] in another direction. In a worst-case scenario in which I'm admitted neither to a medical school nor to a law school I would care to attend, I can get a master's degree and reapply the following year, as I would still only be 20 when starting, which is still considered relatively young, for both medical school or law school.

So far I'm coping with the rigorous load. At this time last year, I would have expected that I would have been overcome with anxiety in the face of so many demanding courses.  Right now it just seems like one more hoop through which to jump.

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