Monday, January 9, 2012

Public Opinion Poll - I Just Want to Know

How many readers have ever accepted a ride from a member of the opposite sex that they didn't know?


  1. If a friend knew him does that count? I've ridden with friends of friends but I don't remember ever riding with a true stranger. I did use an unknown guy's car phone once in the days before cell phones but he dialed for me then handed me the receiver through the window so I never got in his car.

    My husband and I have also picked up hitchhikers but I never did when alone.

  2. Same as Linda, I have gotten into cars with people I didn't know, but someone with me always knew them.

  3. I remember one time a long long time ago (I was like six) my mom had car trouble and accepted a ride from a complete stranger so that she could drop me off at school. As I remember (and this is hard to forget) my grandfather (whom we were living with at the time) was beyond angry when he found out about it. He was never for accepting rides from complete strangers or picking up hitch hikers. I’m tempted to repeat what has been drilled into my brain on the topic. On how dangerous that is in today's society, etc. etc. or blame it on the media and more awareness of all the crap in the world today. I think bottom line it's not very safe, either way (accepting or giving).

  4. Alexis, please reassure me that you're not plotting to do anything dangerous or stupid or both.
    Uncle Scott

  5. Uncle Scott,
    I'm NOT planning on doing anything stupid or dangerous. I'm merely following up on a conversation I heard between two students in my university's bookstore. I wanted to know if the behavior I heard as described in the conversation I overheard was precipitated by [possibly drug- or alcohol-induced] stupidity, or was the new mainstream school of thought on the topic. My suspicions were confirmed by everyone's answers. Thanks, just the same, for your concern.

    Linda, Amelia, and Rebecca, thanks for your replies.