Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kim Jong Il: His Legacy Lives On

I read an unconfirmed news report that North Korean intelligence (?) forces have been detaining citizens who did not express sufficient grief over the death of Kim Jong Il.  North Koreans who failed to attend the required memorial services, in addition to those who did attend but either did not cry enough or seemed insincere in their grief, were reportedly were sent to labor camps known as re-education centers. Also on the list of those sent to reeducation centers or camps were individuals who were hospitalized at the time of Kim Jong Il's death who did not immediately check themselves out of the hospitals when they heard the news of The Dear Leader's demise.

While I have said in jest on occasion that if Mitt Romney were to be elected president, I would move to Canada on my eighteenth birthday, realistically, I would probably need to wait until I was twenty-one. Still, Kim Jong Il and both his predecessor and successor serve the purpose of making Mitt Romney seem almost mainstream.


  1. Matt, I really can't decide whom I dislike more - Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich, so I'm reduced to pulling for the one who has the poorer chance of beating Obama at the moment, I think it's probably Newt Gingrich, which has me (ugh!) pulling for Mitt Romney. Sadly, My twin brother and I will miss coting in the presidential election but less than a month.