Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Quarter, New Courses: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I've now attended each of my classes for this quarter. I'm taking only sixteen units, which is a light load, but I took heavy loads over the summer and in the fall, so I'm somewhat entitled. I'll take twenty units in spring, and I'll probably take at least one session of summer quarter.

What I've seen so far reaffirms the wisdom of my choice of academic institutions if only for the entertainment value.  In the courses in which my classmates haven't provided a source of amusement for the entire time I was confined there, the professors more than picked up the slack. I thought my cat-toting professor from last quarter had to be the strangest professor I would ever encounter. I was dead wrong. She's not even close to two of them that I have this quarter. One of them has a pet cougar. The day she brings the cougar to class or the day she asks the class to meet for a session at her home is the day I'm suddenly and inexplicably sick. The other strange professor is just . . . odd. I'll write about him another time. He deserves his very own blog post.

For all of you who are back in session, you have my sympathy. For those who are still on break, your term will end after mine, so Karmic forces are at work.


  1. A pet cougar?? Is that even legal?

  2. I seriously doubt it is legal. I'll have to ask Jillian. This lady lives in the boonies, although one would think if she told enough students, she would eventually get caught. Perhaps she's a pathological liar. I may have to check it out.