Friday, January 6, 2012

Home Again

I've been away from my parents and my dog for a week. I enjoy my vacations from my parents, and I'm sure they enjoy the time away from me as well, but it's always nice to return home. I can often have more fun when my parents aren't around because other people who supervise me aren't quite as restrictive, but I do miss Mom and Dad. As for my dog, I'd love to take her everywhere with me, but it's not practical. If Icould, I'd get fake documentation that she's a service dog, but then she, not being a real service dog, would probably pick a fight with someone's real service dog and blow her cover. I have to settle for enjoying her at home and on our runs. My parents let me run with her because i would be difficult to kidnap with her by my side.

School has already started for my university, but I had medical clearance for this week. My mom attended classes for me and took notes, but she won't give me the notes until Monday and says I have nothing dues except a relatively small amount of reading, which she will give me on Saturday. I'm only taking sixteen unit, which is a drop from lat semester. I've already completed fourty-four credits since last summer, and I have thirty-six credits of AP. I'm tehcnically a junior, but I'll spend at least three years at the universtiy I think, unless it starts bugging me  as much as it did last semester. In that case,  i'll finish as fast as possible and get out of here.

I cnanot do any interscholastic sports because of the surgeries I had last summer and late last fall. If I want, I can either run track or dive next year. I'm keeping my options open. My surgeon wants me to work out on a very limited basis with the track team because my appetite is better when I'm exercising and I build up muscle mass. I'll consider it.

My weight is up to a whopping 84 pounds, which is as high as it's been since before I broke my leg and collarbone  in spring of 2010.  (The combined weights of my PseudoAunt and I are now only four pounds below my PseudoUncle's weight of 185.)  My parents say if I can get my weight up to 90 on a consistent basis, they will alllow me to use my money to buy a car. I'll do what I can, but six pounds is a lot for me to gain. It's not that I don't want to gain it, but I can only eat so much.



  1. The easiest way to gain weight is to put butter or salad dressings on your meats and vegetables. You can make some flavored butters to give you more variety. Your readers would all like to see you get well.

  2. <3 yus we really would. Take it easy!!

  3. The thought of your dog picking fights and blowing her cover made me laugh. :) I'm glad you're home and taking it a bit easier this semester. I find eating large quantities of chocolate and chips preferably with dip just before bed help me in the weight gain department. Which would be why I'm trying to stop doing that. ;)

  4. Linda, that's tough for me because I detest most greasy or creamy stuff (except ice cream; that's the one creamy thing that doesn't bother me), but sometimes I can get melted butter to soak into something. I'll try to do more of that. a car iss on the line.

  5. Amy, I'm trying to chill. I'm really Type A, so it's tough. I could try to make a game out of it again, especially since even if I went too far and got a B in a single course, as long as it was not a critical course, it probably wouldn't keep me out of my law school of choice. Once in high school I decided I was going to try for the lowest A I could possibly get, where the teacher HAD to give me an A but it gave her pain to do so. I went a bit too far during progress report time and got a minus after the A just on my progress report; it didn't count for permanent records. It freaked my parents out and they took my computer away. My mom said if she knew how things were going to turn our and had it to do over, she would not have taken away my computer and would have told me to get a B if it made me feel better. She said at the time it just bothered her that I obviously was not doing my best, but she didn't yet see the extremeness of my perfectionistic tendencies. She says now that she realizes I have taken what is basically a good thing way too far, and now tries to get me to fight perfectionism. Too little, too late.

    For the record, I did end up with the lowest A I could possibly have gotten. i had to work harder to achieve that precise score than I would've had tp work to score a perfect 100% in the class, but it was fun to watch the look on the teacher's face as she handed back each assignment and test with A marked on it, knowing that one more question missed would have resulted in a B. It was also fun to think up funny wrong answers. The teacher said she considered giving me half credit for the creativity of the wrong answers, which would've been a bad thing as it would've placed me squarely in the middle of the A range, which was not where I wanted to be. One of my test papers had such clever wrong answers that it ended up being posted in the staff lounge for the teachers and administrastors to enjoy and for my mom to be embarrassed. My mom was a district administrator who spent some of her time at my school.

    I'll probably make mistakes if I'm ever a parent.

  6. amelia, my dog is very unpredictable. She was originally bred to be a service dog, but she flunked out in the very earliest phase - the stage where 4-H students raise the dogs before they go to training. She was a little too exhuberant even for a puppy. She's probably ADHD, but I love her the way she is.

    I think you're onto something with late-night eating, although chocolate can be hard on my stomach late at night. i can't eat dark chocolate anytime, but milk chocolate I tolerate in moderation at the right time of the day. Ice cream is good, but i tend to get cold during the night if I eat it right before going to bed. Oatmeal and hot chocolate or chocolatre milk work for me if I dlitute the hot choolate so that it's not too chocolatey, and I don't have too much of it because too much daity causes me problems, too. I like chips, but not dip; it's too greasy. Sometimes my dad makes me a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwish and I have it with root beer. That works well, too. The butter on the outside makes it a little greasy but not too greasy.

    People who have the opposite problem can't often appreciate the difficulties in putting on weight for those of us who are weight challenged. They're like, "Just eat more!" but I was born at two pounds, two ounces and with a disproportionately small stomach, so I starte off with a handicap in this area.

    Furthermore, if I really like something and eat too much of it at a time, it goes right through me, defesting the purpose and leving me more calorie-challenged than I was in the first place. There are much worse peoblems than mine. I'd much rather face this than face a situation where I couldn't lose weight no matter what I did. still, it's not as esay as it sounds.

    How are you, Amelia? I need to check your blog. The last I read, you had made an appointment.