Thursday, November 16, 2017

Charlie Manson May Be On His way Out Of HERE!

Major news outlests are reporting that Charlie Manson has been hospitalized in Bakersfield, California, which is a relatively short distance from the California State Prison, Corcoran, where Manson had been incorprated. I would have been preferred that he be transforerred to the tylare regional medical Center, which is presnetly non-operational due to financial crises. I would have been happy to let him take his chances with revocevery or palliative priocedures there. As far as I know, only security personnel are on duty.

Manson has had ore than enough time on theis planet to accoplish his evil work. The good people at Mer cy Hospital in Bakersfield (where one unconfirmed source has listed him as having been admitte3d) have enough deserving patients for whom to care. Charile deserves none of their time or attention. Give him the same mercy he directied his minions to give their victims.

Furthermore, I hope, not for the rest of the patients, but for the sake of Charile, that the most incompetent staff ever assembled is on duty tonight.

May he not rest in peace.

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  1. I read one report that he'd died, but then I realized it wasn't the most credible source.