Saturday, July 19, 2014

Water Saver Faucet Company Motto: Go at home or don't go at all.

A Chicago company is rationing bathroom breaks and issuing warnings of disciplinary actions, including suspensions and firings, for excessive use of the bathrooms.  Water Saver Faucet Company* has deemed excessive use to be an average of six minutes a day over a ten day period, or a totla of sixty minutes in ten days of work. The company keeps track of its' workers commode time by restricting commode access unless the worker slides his or her bar coded pass through the reader at the commode door.

i don't even know where to begin to address this one. it wuld seem that failure to deal with either bladder or bowel needs culd cause potential long-term health issues. Then, at the risk of indelicacy, some of Water Saver Faucet Company's employees are presumably female, and , as such, have certain periodicneeds related to bathroom visits. is this being taken into account.

If I worked there, -- which I don't, thank God --  the Americans with Disabilities Act would be invoked on my behalf immediately because I have ulcerative colitis. If  Water Saver Faucet Company  did not concede on my behalf immediately, they wuld be facing abig fat  lawsuit . i'd get one of those big-name lawyers, even if he was accustomed to crimnal  defense. Geoffrey Fieger. That's who I'd hire to take on the Water Saver Faucet Company.

On a more serious note, this sets back the work of the late Cesar Chavez by at least fifty years. I've not heard of such draconian bathroom policies since my daya in mrs. Moore's fifth grade classroom.

Can something be done to stop this company before an entire work force is dealing with urinary calculi and chronic constipation?

*This is disgusting, but their company name is probably very fitting, as no one who works there wants to waste any of their allotted bathroom time so they don't wash their hands after bathroom visits, thereby saving water. Makes sense, huh?

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  1. Sounds like a very oppressive place to work. Glad I don't have to.