Thursday, July 24, 2014

Is having a baby ever routine?

This is the first outfit I ordered for Baby Andrew, The cat's out of the bag in terms of the name because pseudounc  unthinkingly mentioned it in a /FB post.

My pseudoaunt went into labor early this morning. The doctors were able to stop the contractions with hormones. It's good that the hormones did the job, because tocolytic medications only buy time - maybe two or three weeks at most -- and two or three weeks wouldn't do this baby any good. they did find  out in an ultrasound that she may be further along than was originally thought. They're now thinking 20 weeks, which, if mother nature or lunatics in doctors offices do not interfere, will have the baby being born close to her birthday of November 30 or just a bit before. Mothers with cF usually deliver a couple of weeks early. the official date their giving her now is December 13. that is, of course, with all of our fingers crossed that the baby makes it anywhere near there.

Scott was starting to lose it ab bit earlier today. He thinks it's his fault for not pushing harder for that receptionist to have been fired the last time she was rude to pseudoaunt. Ever since the lady was reprimanded for locking pseudoaunt into the radiation wing and her co-worker and friend was fired for leaving Jillian in there unattended -- there's no cell reception, so she was stuck -- she has had it in for Jillian. She's even been rude to Scott. When he just worked in the office as a resident, that was bad enough, but as a fellow, he was sort of one of her bosses. Scott felt that it was his fault in part that Jillian ever had to deal with the woman again. His siblings who live in Utah are flying out to California to support him, so we hope that will help. Jillian doesn't need him having a nervous breakdown, although I understand where he's coming from and totally feel for him. 

his employer is being totally accommodating. /For one thing, he's not really fit to treat patients, so what's the point of having him come into the office? They have him double-checking radiology reports in the hospital. It's busy work that they invented just so they could say they have something for him to do, and he can do it at the hospital. They told him to do it when he can and not to worry about it if Jillian needs his attention or if he's feeling stressed.

My most recent significant other has gotten a furlough from his intern program so that he can help take care of Jillian. It's not as though there's no one else to care for her, but he is her closest brother, so maybe it's a good idea.

I thought having a baby was supposed to be routine in this day and age. Maybe nothing in life is truly routine, ever.


  1. Sounds like Jillian is in good hands. Too bad she had that run in with Norma the jerk. I hope Jillian stays pregnant for a long while longer.

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed too.