Wednesday, December 11, 2013

White Trash By Any Other Name

the annual Kardashian Christmas card

       Note: I believe that at some point in the past I may have vowed not to write about the Kardashians anymore. I lied or erred.

     Yesterday I finished the last final exam of my penultimate undergraduate program.  Since graduation doesn't happen until June, I may take classes for spring quarter after winter quarter, but I won't have any remaining requirements, so any classes I take will be inconsequential.

     Now I'm sentence to the next several days in bed or on the sofa.  No one else I know is through with school yet, so my friends cannot entertain me. Yesterday my Aunt heather took me to class and babysat me after class. today my dad isworking from home and babysitting. Tomorrow I'll go to pseudoaunt's house to be babysat. I would complain except that I like going to pseudoaunt's house.

     Most of my entertainment has to come from  TV. I've watched a lot of Gypsy Sisters, 19 and Counting, and miscellaneous Kardashian train wrecks. I've followed some news related to the Kardashians. Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian supposedly made statements pertaining to how significantly their lives were impacted by the life of Nelson Mandela. Seriously. They really expect us to beleive that they even knew who Nelson  Mandela was. While we, the great unwashed masses, may be gullible, there are, nonetheless, limits to what we can or will believe.

     Kendall Jenner supposedly was seen leaving a New York hotel with a musician named Harry Styles. Kendall  jenner is eleven months younger than I am, and her mental age is probably even lower than her chronological age. She couldn't remain in traditional school because her ego was taking a serious beating when she couldn't maintain pace with her peers due to frequent absences, with  possible comorbidity in the form of  "apple not falling terribly far from the tree" syndrome. Instead, she and her sister enrolled in some heavily watered-down home-study program. Not all home study programa are heavily watered down; some are quite rigorous. If, however,  someone had to drop out of school because she couldn't keep up with the workload and instead enrolled in a program that took less of her time yet allowed her to complete school in the same time frame is would her peer, it's a safe bet that the curriculum was simplified.  Otherwise, how would that have worked? Any high school certification  that Kendall has earned is highly suspect.

    I'm a reasonably intelligent nineteen-year-old who will soon be in possession of multiple bachelor's degrees, yet my parents would do virtually anything in their power to keep me from spending nights in hotel rooms with a boyfriend. Why are Kendall's parents not at least trying to do the same for her?

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  1. That does it. I definitely need to write some porn. It's gotta be better than watching the Kartrashians.