Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sign Language Interpreters Needed in South Africa

Why are you slaving away at a nine-to-five job? Why have I been overworking my brain for the purpose of medical school admission? There is an easier and more fulfilling way to earn a living.

You, I, and anyone else can become rich and famous by moving to The Republic of South africa and becoming sign language interpreters. You don't know sign language? Neither do I, but we should not let such trivial matters deter us from the life of ease that we so richly deserve,  If you are not fluent, or even emergent, in any of the recognized forms of sign language, don' be discouraged.  In South Africs you're allowed to improvise by creating your own form of sign language on the fly.  If it looks good, or even if it doesn't, it will probably suffice. The more innovative your original dialect, the greater will be the satisfaction of your future employers.

We're all missing the boat here.  

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