Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Brain Is Normal Again

This is, incidentally, someone else's brain.

I'm starting to feel almost alive again,  and my doctors are beginning to relax a bit. I had an MRI today. The inside of my head supposedly looks pretty much the way it should look. I initially had a slight bleed, which is why I've done almost nothing for the past twelve days, but it appears that my head has mended. I'm not supposed to engage in contact sports, bunjee jumping, or anything else similarly jarring or hazardous, but normal day-to-day activities are acceptable. The deep tissue bruise around my thigh is more of a concern to my doctor now than is my head. Deep though the bruise may be, it's still just a bruise,  and it will go away. I wouldn't be allowed to snowboard or ski, but since I can't anyway because I don't want to mess with my ability to play the violin for my senior violin recital in February, it's not that big of a deal.

I'm flying to northern Idaho with my family in six days. I'll return the day after Christmas. On December 30 I'm traveling by car to Utah with my pseudorelatives and my friend Alyssa. Alyssa sustained a moderately severe injury in a soccer class at her college, and she can't ski or snowboard, either, so the two of us can commiserate together. We'll return home on December 5.

Tomorrow night i will take my violin to Pseudouncle scott's house and run through my recital music with him. One pice is a solo piece, and another is violin and guitar, but all other pieces involved piano accompaniment.

I'm allowed to drive again beginning tomorrow. I'm not sure where I'll drive, but since I have a brand new car that I have not yet driven, I will take a trip somewhere.

I may earn a bit of money as a paralegal for partof a homicide trial. My psuedoaunt is second-chairing it, but she's been singing my praises to her boss, who's the lead attorney on the case, and he said the office will spring for my pay for a few days of work during jury selections.  The jury pool is large, and they could probably use an extra pair of hands to keep track of all the papers they havbe to handle in seating a jury for a case of such magnitude.


  1. Glad you're feeling better. Sounds like you have busy holidays planned!