Friday, December 13, 2013

Nuckie and Pookie Were Lovers

Nuckie and Pookie were lovers. Oh Lordy, how they could love.

I'm at my pseudoaunt's and uncle's house today and tonight.  When pseudouncle finished his shift this afternoon, we drove to my house to pick up my car and to take it out for a brief spin. We drove an hour or so north and had dinner in a little town at a great restaurant. I ordered tri-tip and was able to eat about three bites, but they were tasty bites, and I have the rest for later.

On our way back to the pseudos' house, we stopped and each got a pint of our favorite Baskin Robbins ice cream. I always choose rainbow sherbet. I could live on Baskin Robbins rainbow sherbet, but I've yet to taste any other brand of sherbet that I would willingly  eat. Most sherbet tastes to me like children's chewable Tylenol. Baskin Robins tastes like very cold and sweet fruit. Cold Stone ice cream is superior to Baskin Robbins ice cream, but not to their sherbet.

I like my new car. I haven't driven it yet because I do not yet have clearance to drive and probably won't for another week, but I could tell just from riding in the car that it's a good car. I like the interior a little better than that of the previous car (may he rest in peace). It's gray and plush.

The pseudos are asleep I think. I don't hear any noise outside my room. I think I will get up and eat another three bites or so of my trip tip dinner and maybe a bit of my sherbet as well. God knows I can't afford to lose any more weight and desperately need every calorie I can possibly ingest.

My pseudouncle says that the song my dad remade into a song about Nuckie and Pookie last night is actually called "Frankie and Johnny." It's about a love gone incredibly -- fatally -- bad. Johnny was Frankie's man, but he done her wrong and all. Elvis supposedly recorded it, but he sang the song in first person. I'm not sure what a person could do to make this particular song any worse than it was in its original incarnation, but singing it in first person would probably do the job. I reiterate that my dad really needs to hold onto his day job.

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  1. "Frankie and Johnny" was also referenced on 7th Heaven a lot. Remember the couple that led Mary astray with beer? That wasn't the song that was in my head… but I guess I can see it, now.

    Here's Elvis's version.