Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Courseload: the Good (very little), the Bad (most of it) , and the Bizarre (all of it)

I've now attended each class except for the lab orientation I must attendon Friday. The classes in which I am presently enrolled are a case study  iin abnormal psychology. i'm taking Interactions in Biomolecular Complexes, Fracture Mechanics, Psychopathology, Sports Sociology, Appalachian Music Studies, Asian American Queer Studies (I kid you not; this is the course title), and Religion and Film.  The first two courses I listed will be a legitimate challenge. The other four will be the rough equivalent of returning to middle school. After my last two semesters, I'm not complaining about the ease of most of the courses.

Today I stepped up the slut look a bit, and I was easily the sluttiest -looking girl in class today.   It's almost getting tiring to come up with a new yet still trashy look for each day of classes. Fortunately I have only six more days of this. i'll actually appreciate being able to look the way I normally look, which may not be normal to anyone else, but it's within my comfort zone.

My dad said he would complain about how he's not getting his money's worth with all the garbage courses I'm taking except that he's not paying for any of them.  I've taken virtually evcerything that's required for most of my majors. I'm just filling in a few gaps and finishing off with electives.  my mom  said it reminds her of the 1980's when UC Santa Cruz went all hippie and taught totally flaky course and didn't even give grades. I think they changed the name of their mascot to the banana slug during that time as well.  My university may be a little loosy-goosy, but nothing compares to UC-Santa Cruz.


  1. Your classes sound interesting, Alexis... I think I would especially enjoy the music and psych classes. I miss college.

    If my husband doesn't get a job after he retires, I might have to go back.

  2. I should go back to college, though not for the whole college experience. I just need to get/finish some degree, of any sort really.

    I don't miss college. Though it was the first time I was on my own and able to be free to do what I wanted...