Tuesday, April 16, 2013

As the Dust Settles

I'm not sure the dust has totally settled in Boston. The death toll, at last count, was still at three. The lastest word I heard was that a pressure cooker was somehow involved in one of the explozive devices. This does not sound terribly sophisticated to me. The devices sounds like things that some of my brothers's stupider friends could have put together on a Saturday afternoon using things they found lying around in their own homes and garages. Thank goodness my brother's friends - even the less inteliigent among them, and especially thr more intelligent ones-- aren't into  making devices that explode.

I would make the assumption -- though Iknow i could be worng, so I'm carefully wording that it's an assumption and not a statement of fact -- that woever creatdd this latest death trap was likely ot part of an extremely organized operation, such as, say, al Quaeda. I certainly could be wrong. Al Quaeda could have taken to creating the sort of explosive devices students who recieved D's in chemistry might be capable of making just to throw the rest of the world off their tracks. I doubt it, though. I'd have to guess that it's either a domestic group or a less organized foreign faction, but not al Quaeda. (Those words foreign faction always remind me of the Jonbenet Ramsey ransom note.)

I hope for the sake of the injured, the survivors of the deceased, and the rest of us who might be victimized in a future similar attack, the sub-morons who caused this mayhem are soon apprehended. The sooner the guilty are caught, and the less publicity they receive as they are locked away for life or worse, the less likely they are to repeat their actions or that copy-cat types are to engage in similar terroristic activities.

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