Friday, April 12, 2013

For Those With TOO Much Time on Their Hands

If you wish to take this opportunity to tour the Duggars' pantry, click on the above link, which will direct you to the appropriate site. By the way, if you're truly inclined to take the Duggars up on their hospitality, I have some other recommendations for ways you can spend your time at least as productively.

Tweet Jesse Spencer.   Ask him if his mum would be willing to videotape herself flushing her toilet in Australia so you can enjoy the view of the water swishing in the opposite direction in which you normally see it swish if you're from the northern hemisphere.

Tweet or IM Jan Crouch c/o her husband Paul Ask for a tour of the  closet (which  probably has greater square footage than my entire house) containing her hair supply products.

Tweet Donny Osmond to ask about his ratio of purple socks to non-purple socks. I heard he's going more mainstream and is occasionally seen in black socks.

Tweet or IM Judge Alex to advise him against going on "Dancing with the Stars."  The Rock'em Sock'em Robot look hasn't been receiving particularly high scores the past few seasons.

Tour a Q-tip factory, either in real life or online. I don't know if an online tour is available, but since everything else is, why would that not be?
 If you don't care to see the real thing, Roger MacDuff,  according to Knotty, does bear some resemblance to a Q-tip.  I'm inclined to agree.

Make an appointment to be counseled by Alyce LaViolette say you have no mental health issues. I can almost guarantee that after one session with Madame LaViolette, you will have one if not multiple mental heath issues.

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  1. Hilarious! Yeah, that's the guy I wrote about. He really does look like a Q-tip!