Monday, April 8, 2013

All Will Be Well

                               My Favorite "Teen Angst" Anthem

It says Gabe Dixon Band, but mostly you just hear Gabe Dixon himself playing and singing. My Uncle Scott actually does this one better than Gabe Dixon -- he plays pretty much the same notes, but my Uncle Scott's voice is a little better. Still, I must give Gabe Dixon credit for having come up with the words and the music. 

This song received its first exposure beyond a few YouTibe hits when it was used  as a theme in some promotional commercials for Conviction, a Dick Wolf mid-series replacement (I think) featuring assistant assistant district attorneys. The series didn't survive past the first eight or so episodes. It shared Alexandra Cabot with SVU (at different times), but didn't last for long enough for Cabot's backstory to be explained so that the viewers could be told why she was able to safely come out of the Witness Protection program. When she re-emerged in SVU, it was as if Conviction had never happened, almost like it existed in an alternate universe. No mention whatsoever was made of Alex Cabot's time as a bureau chief in this particular crime-busting unit of young hotties.

More recently, the song was used in a Parks and Recreation episode.

It's a good song despite its dependence upon TV series for any exposure whatsoever.  I would have written it myself except that A) I didn't think of it; B) I don't write music, as it's a talent I do not possess.

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