Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sing Hallelujah, Come On Get Happy!

I've finished all assigned  papers and projects for this quarter and have gone through all assigned reading at least twice.  For me, this is a major cause for celebration. I went to my parents' refrigerator and helped myself to a Guiness. I can't stand the taste but like the buzz, so I plug my nose. In addition to the buzz, Guiness increases my appetite. I'm looking less like a refugee but still need to add a couple of pounds if I want to reach menarche before I hit my twenties.

This quarter has been the most academically demanding term of my life. I've had other quarters or semesters in high school and in university where I've dealt with major adversity and trauma, and i've taken more quarter units, but I've never had so many loaded courses all at once.  I don't meet with advisors or counselors on anything resembling a regular basis, but I was called in to meet with a counselor because a computer  red-flagged my schedule of courses as being unusually difficult, and the counselor wanted to ascertain that I knew into what kind of a jam I was getting myself.   I told him I knew it would be rough but that I was confident that I could handle it. So far I'm handling it. I still have  midterms and finals to go, but my lowest score on any exam this quarter has been 98.

This is my favorite point in every term. Once I've done the readings, papers, and projects, I can start living again.  I can hurdle when I feel like it and can dive when the diving pool is open.  I wouldn't go so far as to say that I don't like college, but my very favorite part of it is being finished.

I don't want to subject myself to any potential alcohol poisoning, but I'm probably going to help myself to a second Guiness in a few minutes. What are my parents going to do about it, anyway, even if they notice?  Confine me to me room, which has a TV, multiple computers, lots of books, multiple phones, a piano, a violin, and a really comfortable bed?  Gosh, I'm scared.


  1. Guinness is good. My husband loves it. I'm partial to Belgian beers myself, hence the picture I use for my avatar. Good for you for being so productive. I think it calls for celebration!

  2. No alcohol tastes good to me[yet], but I like the relaxation effect and the positive impact on my appetite.

  3. Well... alcohol does mostly consist of empty calories. Unfortunately, on me, they really show. I mostly try to stick to beer and wine, though.

  4. Congrats on being caught up - that's always a great feeling!