Thursday, January 19, 2012

Uncle Michael Is Moving to California

My dad's youngest brother, Michael., called my dad last night to say that he and his family are moving to California. He, his wife, and their two kids are fairly devout Latter-Day Saints as far as I know, but they're finding the environment in Happy Valley a little to toxic to continue raising their children there. Because it's their situation and not mine, I'll say no more about the toxicity and its components.

When I'm thinking of my dad's family, I have a tendency to forget about Uncle Michael because I haven't been around him a great deal. He and his wife are among the few members of my dad's family who have been somewhat nice to me the few times I've been around him.

Uncle Michael is a cardiologist. His wife is an endocrinologist. Being a medical doctor is fairly unusual for a Mormon woman. They probably do not fit in terribly well there . Even the size of their family would've caused them to stand out in Utah.

They're flying out here in about ten days to check out a few job prospects. They've timed their visit so that they'll be here when my Aunt Christelle and Uncle Mendel and their new baby Blitzen Manx are here. Uncle Michael thinks the name is pretty ridiculous, too, but he was less surprised by it than the rest of us because he's only one year older than Aunt Christelle. He grew up with her and has always known just how peculiar her tastes can be. Regardless, he's a new baby, and we'll all enjoy him regardless of his rather silly name.

P.S. I'm still confined to bed. I don't have classes on Fridays anyway, so I'm not missing anything. It's  cold out there, so I don't mind staying tucked under blankets while I watch TV or listen to music.