Saturday, January 21, 2012

Drugged Out

I'm only semi-coherent because of the effects of the purple sludge cough syrup. i'm taking ot without complaining too much because if I  don't, I bark non-stop. Under the influence of the stuff, I only bark 50% of the time. my dad gives me sleep medication as well because I can't sleep through all the coughing without strong drugs. the plan is for me to go back to class on Monday, but if I'm still hacking too much, I'll have to skype. Two classes have assignments due, but I already emailed thm to the professors, so I'm covered there.

The a capella group with which I'm affiliated is on a road trip this weekend, but it's to a place that's too cold for me, and I can barely talk, much less sing. It's OK that i didn't go. I'm not really lucid enough to go anywhere.
Sooner or later the steroids or something will kick in  and I will rejoin the human race.

P.S. Maybe it's all the drugs, but I thought President Obama sounded good when he sang.


  1. Oh, dear! Purple sludge.

    Try to keep warm and get well soon.

    Oh! By the way, I have published a book!

  2. I hope you're feeling better very quickly!

  3. Take care. I hope all the sickness can leave your system soon along with the drugs. <3 get some good chicken soup in you :)

  4. Amy and amelia. thanks for the positive wishes. The wardens paroled me today so I went to class. I hate the feeling that life is happening without me.

    Matt, congratulations!!! My Kindle isn't working, but I'm going to order it anyway.