Sunday, January 1, 2012


Some people like skiing or snowboarding for the sheer speed. while i enjoy that aspect, what makes the experience truly worthwhile to me is the moments  in the air, not in contact with anything or anyone. Other than parazailing, snowboarding is the closest that I have come or likely wil ever come to experiencing zero gravity. It happens on the runs with a high degree of difficulty. If I can get my speed up on a brief straight run, then hit a mid-sized mogul, I'm light enough to go airbone for what seems like half an eternity but is probably more like eight seconds. Those eight-second periods of what technically isn't weightlessness but feels like it make up for the suckiness that life tends to dish out on a weekly basis if not more frequently. I can only describe it as freedom from everything. For those eight or so seconds, absolutely no person or thing has any hold whatsoever on me. It's indescribable.


  1. That is so funny. I have a blog post coming out on Wednesday (I often times utilize the schedule option.), and the title is Free Falling. :) We must be on the same wave link or something.

    Anyways, snowboarding must provide an interesting release, I would assume. It must be very freeing, for you after surgery and illness. I'm glad your get away is giving you a release. :)

  2. What an awesome post! As I am currently under the influence of pain meds and the combined effect of what I call "RA brain".,,I cannot adequately express how much I love the imagery of what you wrote! Prior to being what I assume was an alien abduction and exchange of my good body for the one infested with mutant autoimmune problems, I was an adrenaline junkie. Reading this brings that feeling back...

  3. Thanks, Tina. I had my last snowboarding adventure for the foreseeable future today, or technically yesterday. I'm heading back to California later this morning. i need to remind my parents that we have mountains with snow in California.