Friday, November 18, 2011

Uncle Steve Reporting

This is Alexis' Uncle Steve - not Uncle Scott, her "PseudoUncle" who is probably her favorite person in the world -  but rather her paternal biological uncle who is also her pediatrician. Alexis and I have had our moments in the past as she's not the world's most compliant patient, but we generally remain close in spite of it.

It was noticed that her spleen enlargement was getting worse and not better, and that the front wall was growing precariously thin. The decision was made to remove the spleen under optimal conditions before she rolled over onto it in the middle of the night and ruptured it, which would have necessitated much more perilous and less-controlled surgery. She made it through with flying colors. She's not complaining much due to the wonders of modern pharmaceuticals. She'll be fine, and her recovery time will not be much if any longer than it would have been without the surgery because she would have needed major downtime with the enlarged spleen anyway

Alexis' mom had a kidney stone removed, and her dad is with her mom, so I'm on night watch with Alexis over the graveyard shift tonight. If she were able to say anything coherent, she'd wish you all well  and tell you to be careful whom you kiss. Tomorrow she'll at least be able to dictate her own message instead of being at the mercy of whatever her crazy old uncle wants to share.

Matt, I believe you hit the nail on the head when you suggested that Alexis' former Twitter friend Judge Alex doesn't care a great deal about anything but ratings.

I hope you all sleep more comfortably than I'm likely to sleep in the hospital recliner next to Alexis' bed. In our family, we're protective. Most screw-ups in terms of misunderstood doctors' instructions and inaccurately dispensed dosages of medications occur in the wee hours of the morning.  We don't take chances with our kids even if it means spending nights in uncomfortable hospitals recliners.


  1. Thank you very much Alexis' Uncle Steve!!

    Hope she and her mom both start to feel better soon!!

    And you're right, all parents and family should always be alert and there/protective for our kids, we're their only advocate (most of the time). It's not something that should go away as our kids get older either :)

    Brightest Blessings,
    (aka Faery Chaos)

  2. My goodness this poor girl!
    Alexis, I hope you feel much better very soon, and I hope you are so grateful to your wonderful family as well.
    Uncle Steve, thank you for the update, and for taking such good care of her. :))

  3. Aww, Alexis!! I was worried this would happen when she told me about her spleen. :( Thanks for keeping us all updated. I've been busy over the past few days, but she's been in my thoughts and prayers. Please let her know that we all wish her a quick (and safe!) recovery!


  4. Thanks for the update, Uncle Steve!

    Glad Alexis is doing so well after surgery.

    I suppose I was lucky to get off so lightly when I fell ill with Mono, a few years back. I got CFS, which laid me low for several years. But my spleen behaved itself, thank God!

    I now propose a toast -in Polish Marquis Vodka at this end- to Uncle Steve, Alexis, her mum and dad, and all relatives pseudo and blood! Cheers!