Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween on Bourbon Street

"Bourbon Street", a small unincoporated community located just across a bridge from my university and consisting almost entirely of university students, is surely the Halloween Capital of the World. I had the privilege of being present on "Bourbon Street" for a very short interval. "Bourbon Street" Drive, the Isla Vista street closest to the ocean, was the hub of activity. "Bourbon Street" is the hub of most social activity in the greater UCSB community, Halloween or not.

I'll try to decsribe what I saw using an analogy of a TV program I once saw. Once when I was injured and couldn't reach the remote control for the tV, an episode of  "Cops" aired that was filmed on Bourbon Street in New Orleans on the night of Mardi Gras. The law enforcement officers being filmed only took ten steps maximum before coming upon another person committing some obviously law-breaking act for which he or she had to be arrested. It was one arrest after another. The officers had to request additional handcuffs several times.

"Bourbon Street"  Drive  on Halloween wasn't quite then seen of drunken debauchery as Bourbon Street on fat Tuesday, but it was damned close. I didn't see as much as I might have, because my PseudoAunt Jillian's brother timmy, his cousin Peter, or his cousin peter's firend Peter kept putting their hands over my eyres everytime the saw a male exposing parts of his anatomy that should not have been displayed. Once when they weren't properly vigilant, howeverm I did see a male approximately twenty years of age attempting to take a leak into a beer bottle from ten feet away. His aim wasn't as good as he thought it was; he ended up dousing a jacket or sweatshirt that was left lying next to the beer bottle.

I spent much of the thirty-minute sojourn down two streets hidden under Timmy's jacket. Anytime a law enforcement officer was near, the guys with me hid me because even though none of us was doing anything illegal, the guys didn't want to explain what they were doing there with an obviously underage female. Cousin Peter, in particular, was concerned that someone might be charged with some sort of conspiracy to commit statuatory rape. cousin Peter is a doctor and can't afford to have such a charge on his record.

It was all pretty funny. Intoxicated people are entertaining to watch. If you were there, I hope you had a good time. I certainly had fun watching you.

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  1. On Halloween, as I do every evening, I met my wife from work, and we walked back home. Nothing if not predictable, us!