Sunday, October 23, 2011

Held Against My Will (sort of)

My Pseudoaunt and Pseudouncle showed up at my house unexpectedly today. I wasn't expecting them, anyway. My mom apparently was. As soon as they walked in the door and told me of their plans to kidnap me and keep me overnight, forcing me to miss four of my university classes tomorrow,  my mom handed to my Pseudoaunt a bag packed with what she thought I would need for an overnight trip. I attempted to politely decline the invitation, but my Pseudouncle used his size and strength to force me into their car.

Now we're at a hotel located close to an amusement park. Tomorrow morning, when I should be on campus attending class, I will be forced to visit an amusement park and ride roller coasters. Whoever heard of such a thing? If a kid screws up and gets a lousy grade in a course, which I've never exactly done, everyone in the world is angry with the kid. Once I did get a mid-quarter progress report that had a minus after the A. I lost computer privileges for three weeks until the teacher got around to letting my parents know that my average in the class was, with the extra credit that I did, back  up to 104.8%.  Now the people in charge of me are forcing me to miss an entire day's worth of classes.

The supposed reason for my adult-enforced instance of playing hooky is that I am now taking my studies too seriously and am stressing out over my courseload.  I'm taking 21 quarter units. What sane person wouldn't be stressed out?  The answer to my being stressed about classes and grades, they think, is to take me away from the courses and everything associated with them for a day. Won't my anxiety be even greater on Tuesday night, just before I have to return to the classes that I skip tomorrow? The logic, or lack thereof, displayed by certain people close to me is mind-boggling.

So tomorrow, while most of the world is toiling away, I will be engaged in the forced merriment of riding roller coasters in the name of mental health. Happy Monday, everyone.


  1. Will you please tell Pseudo Aunt and Uncle to make a stop at my house? I'd like to come too. Have fun!

  2. Have fun Alexis. Try to relax for one day. Don't burn out okay!?

  3. I have to say I think I love your PsudoAunt and Uncle, they are full of the awesome :)

    Good for them. It won't kill you, nor hurt you or your grades for that matter, to have a little fun :)

  4. I think they might have a point. Studying is fine, so long as you don't over do it.

    There was a theme park over the road from the Marriott Santa Clara where I stayed, but I did not have time to visit it. Nor, really, the inclination. Too old for theme parks? It would seem to be so.

    Hopefully you are having or did have a grand old time of it!

  5. Matt, I think I've been to that theme park. It was originally Marriott's great America, but i believe it's changed names about thirty-five times since then. It may be a Six Flags park now.

    I'm still a Disneyland person. I've been to Disneyworld, but Florida weather is worse than southern california's weather.

    Everyone, I will admit that I had lots of fun today.

  6. Great! Glad to hear it!

    Yes, it was the Great America Theme Park. We could see the Roller Coaster tower from the front of the hotel.

    Maybe you could get your family to do a European tour and try Disney Paris? I haven't been, but I hear it is OK.