Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tying Up a Few Loose Ends

My dad has been here at the loony bin with me for the past two nights, His one-track mind lately has been fixated away from the usual track of discovering cures for leukemia (and/or lymphoma; I suppose his mind could more correctly be described as having two tracks)and onto the track of helping me to establish what he calls a "more sane" (but that I call a "more bourgeois") sleep schedule. He's given the staff strict orders to confiscate my technological devices at midnight and to impose strict sanctions if I manage to get them back into my possession by disengenious means before said possessions have been officially given back to me. I'm typing as fast as I can because the clock is about to strike midnight and Cinderella will soon turn back into a red-headed stepchild.

I haven't yet finished my series about the Pseudos, and I absolutely must finish it tomorrow because I'm leaving to visit them in less than thirty-six hours, and it wouldn't be right to trash them while I'm accepting their hospitality. I therefore promise to finish the series tomorrow.

My dad finally found something to take my headache away. I was beginning to think it might be with me forever. I hear footsteps. To re-phrase a song from the sixties, "They're coming to take my computer away, ha, ha. . ."

Until later.


  1. I'm happy to hear that you're rid of your headache, alexis. It thrills me to know that you'll trash talk us before you get here so that you don't havr to speak or write ill of us while you're in our custody.

    I can hardly wait to see you again.

    Hugs and kisses,
    Auntie J.

  2. Alexis, have you tried NLP? It certainly helped with my spider phobia, and if it could do that, it's pretty strong stuff!

  3. Matt, please pardon my ignorance; what is NLP, besides "national Public Radio," which is, I'm fairly certain, not the acronym you're using?